Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Philippians 18. Encouragement for Beginners. To Do List & Acceptance.

Philippians 1:18
This reminds me of a post I read.  It was titled:  Intelligent, Stupid, It Does Not MatterBasically, Patric was addressing the apparent controversy regarding Psalm 23:1: 
The LORD is my shepherd,
I shall not want.

Basically, we are to be as sheep following our Shepard.  I get that.  But then, some pastors preach sheep are dumb animals, to which some listeners may take offense.  Others believe sheep are intelligent. 

But what does it matter?

As long as people are following Christ!  And that is what Paul is saying, “Whether Christ is being preached out of selfish ambition or love, as long as people are following Christ, what does it matter?” 

This is a hard verse to accept as many abuses can befall when the former happens.  Aha!  Let’s also remember verse 9: 
This is why prayer is so vital.  Especially this prayer!  Because I now realize that is prayer is not only a superb for our children, but also for everyone:
our partners,
our families,
our pastors and leadership,
our fellow congregates,
our governmental officials
at ALL levels,
our teachers as well as ALL personnel
involved in shaping our children’s minds.
for ourselves.

As we grow in Christ, so does our love, knowledge and discernment. 

Oh LORD, for me it is difficult to accept the phrases, “What does it matter?”, or “It doesn’t matter.”  
My heart responds, 
“What if….”
“How can this be?”

So once again I have to turn to You and Your Word for understanding and acceptance.  And again, Your Word points me to love, compassion and prayer. 
Help me to live this out as I share this message, oh LORD! 

Be with us and let our love abound more and more in knowledge, depth of insight and discernment, as well as strength and courage!
Thank You for Your guidance and love.


I have tried needle turn applique and realized I just felt overwhelmed. Perhaps because I have three major hand stitching projects going on:  
my Grandmother's Flower Garden
my Felt Lunch for my grandbabies 
and my Yo-YO quilt.  

So I switched to using interfacing, ironing on the design, than hand stitching it on.  I also use my blanket stitch on my Bernina. But appliqued quilts are soooooo beautiful! And they look so peaceful!  I want to make one someday!  

Yesterday I linked up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching and I saw the prettiest applique project.  It had an extreme loveliness that was so simply basic.  I was in love and inspired. 

It was from Making a Lather.  She said she was trying to learn to applique.  
And her work was lovely.  
It also looked doable.  
It was inspiring.
So, maybe after Christmas?
Maybe I'll learn.  
And instead of a quilt,
start with something small, 
a table topper,
or a mug rug.

I am again encouraged, especially after I remembered and watched this video again!  :)

Linky parties are the best because...well, for me, they're never ending sources of 
I love them! 
Thank you to all the hostesses of Linky Parties!
Thank you………

To Do List & Acceptance.
This week's To Do List was a wash.  And that's ok...which is saying a lot becuase I'm somewhat of a "Get the list done!", person.  
So, I'm super happy that I can let it go!  

(Please check out the link!)

Christmas Sewing – choose pattern cut out fabric  Oh oh!
Regular Sewing
Tablecloth for prayer garden bistro  Oh oh!
Baby M2’s crochet afghan crochet 21 blue dots for border Oh oh!
BOM’s & QAL’s 
Be My Neighbor Block 2 Oh oh!

Quilty 365 - Quilt Row 1 Oh oh!

I am really excited about reorganizing my storage space - my closet and shelves.  Now my sewing room just feels bigger.  I can see all my fabric (well, most of it) and my yarn. Scrapbooking has been placed on a backburner 
and now, so have the supplies.  For now.

Next week's list will be similar to this weeks:

10/11- 10/18
Hand Sewing
Finish last bread slice for felt food

Pot holders

Christmas Sewing
choose pattern, purchase background, sashing, and backing fabric

Regular Sewing
Tablecloth for prayer garden bistro 

Baby M2’s crochet afghan crochet 21 blue dots for border

BOM’s & QAL’s 
- Be My Neighbor:  finish Block 2
- Quilty 365: Learn to QAYG; To be honest, I've watched enough videos, read enough blogs and books!  I need to just jump in and do it!  Quilt at least 1 block

Dear Friends, this is my truth!

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