Saturday, October 29, 2016

Philippians 1:22. Wooly Progress.

Philippians 1:22
We have to remember; he is trying to make peace with a death sentence and being with Christ or living and serving Christ.


I’m also struck by his last question:

What shall I choose?

I can only guess that Paul is so confident that Jesus listens and answers his prayers, that he is deciding what to pray for.

In such a time as that, I usually simply pray for God’s will in my life.  I rarely ever make a choice.

But, is that the way to go? 
Is God calling me to make choices,
To search my heart for what I really want,
Then share it with my Abba Father?

Am I taking the easy way out
By simply saying,
“Your will be done,”
even searching my own heart?

I imagine I may frustrate Him.
Sort of like when my husband asks
where I would like to go out and eat
and I say, “Anywhere is fine.”
He’s asking me for a reason.

And so is God.

What are your thoughts on this? 
Obviously Paul saw his choices and
put deep thought into them.

What are your thoughts?
Shouldn’t we do the same?
Shouldn’t we verbalize the desires of our hearts and share them with God?
He knows them anyway.

And once we share our heart’s desires with our Abba Father,
we can make peace with His will
because we trust Him.

I must stop now…it’s time.
However, my dear reader,
I will ponder this
and humbly share more of my heart
on this topic next time. 

High Quality Woman praying  Blank Meme TemplateOh Father,
Thank You for this study!  I am stretching.  Sometimes I feel
like these are such baby steps,
but I know that I know that
You are guiding me.

Forgive me for the times I took the easy way out and simply said,
“Take me anywhere Your will desires.” 

I understand that
You want me to explore my heart
and share my discoveries with You! 
Then I will bend my will to Your’s,
and walk trusting You.


Wooly Progress

Let me tell you, today was a laundry day - 

I only had about an hour to work on my mat.  However a lot got done.  I finished sewing on all but two leaves as well as adding the veins!  Hopefully tomorrow I can play a bit more with my wooly project and join Carole in finishing it up on Sunday.

I had fun experimenting with different sized stitches.  This is a fun little project and so pretty!  Thank you, Carole!

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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