Monday, October 17, 2016

Philippians 1:19. Quilty News: Block 2 Finished!

Philippians 1:19
Naturally I would include verse 18 in this study of 19 because they are one sentence.  But wow!  There is so very much in this one sentence:
18bYes, and I will continue to rejoice,
19for I know that through your prayers
and the help given by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, what has happened to me
will turn out for my deliverance.
Philippians 18b-19
Let’s remember that Paul is rejoicing that the Gospel of Jesus is being preached whether by scrupulous or unscrupulous people.  All that matters to him is that Christ is preached.  As long as He is being preached – Paul rejoices. ClearClear
So, he continues to rejoice for or because he knows something. 

What does he know?

How does he know it?
Via the prayers of the saints
The help given by Spirit of Jesus Crhist.

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See, our prayers are vital in all circumstances.  I truly believe they move the heart of God and via His Spirit, our knowledge and depth of insight grows. 

So, when we are lost,
when we don’t know what to do,
when our friends or loved ones are hurting,
when all looks hopeless and pain abounds,
when all we can do is pray

So many times I have said,
“I’m so sorry!  I can only pray for you.”

And I have felt helpless.
Have you?

But NO!
It’s not “I can only pray for you!”

Prayer moves the very heart of God!
Prayer releases the Holy Spirit to
show discernment,
and give peace.

It was the prayer of the saints and the moving of the Holy Spirit that gave Paul the knowledge that what was happening to him would turn out for his deliverance. 

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He could rejoice.
He could rejoice while in chains.
the prayers of the saints
contributed to
his joy while in chains.

Father God, thank you for this insight into the connection between prayer and rejoicing while in chains.  Thank you for pouring into my heart and brain.  So many of my friends that read this blog have very real needs right now, LORD.

You know their needs, Father.
You know their situations.
So, I ask you to meet their needs,
comfort them that they may comfort others,
provide for them,
keep them safe.
You are amazing, Father.
And I love You.

Quilty News:  Block 2 Finished!
Slowly but surely I' making progress on the Be My Neighbor QAL!  Here is block two.  

Next up, I'll be using this pile of scraps to make something beautiful!  More Christmas secrets!

I also found these two orphan blocks. 

Maybe they'll become 
a tote, 
a hot pad, 
a pillow?
Who knows?
As my husband always says, "We'll see..."

Dear Friends, this is my truth!


  1. Thank you for sharing this Word of truth I truly needed it today. Love you

    1. Of course, my dear sister by choice! Please know that your and yours are in our prayers at such a time as this! Hugs to you all! :) Blessings!

  2. Those orphan blocks will be beautiful wherever you put them!

    1. Thank you! I ended up using them as backing for the pot holders! I appreciate your encouragement! Blessings!