Sunday, October 9, 2016

Philippians 1:16. Slow Stitching Bread

Philippians 1:16 
I wonder how the Philippians felt as they preached the Gospel, knowing their founder was imprisoned.  We’ve talked about how their confidence in the LORD grew and they proclaimed the Gospel without fear.
But, to preach the Gospel with love……
I wonder if this means that as our confidence in the LORD grows, so does our love? 
Looking back at my faith walk, yes, that is true in my case.  So, as our love grows, do we share the Gospel with tenderness rather than harshness and judgement?
improve friendships

I think so.
It would be impossible not to.
God’s forgiveness, healing touch, love, grace and mercy in our hearts and lives leave no other option.

I just love to hear the gospel preached out of love!  When it’s a message that the pastor feels is “shearing the sheep”, if it’s preached with love, it becomes a learning experience. 

Yes, as our confidence in the LORD grows,
our love grows,
our tenderness grows,
our ability to show forgiveness, mercy and compassion grows. 
It’s a process.

I do believe there are horrendous acts
that are extremely difficult,
if not seemingly impossible,
to forgive.
I struggle with these issues.
But, my struggle is filled with less hate or anger
And more………
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Help me to grow in You so that I may show more forgiveness, mercy, love and grace.  And LORD, these horrendous acts?  Would You help me in my obvious struggle to forgive?
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Thank you for those who preach the Gospel out of love and tenderness.  Bless them and encourage them!



Slow Stitching Bread
Today I worked on my grandbabies' Christmas gift.

For Tuesday's To Do List, I had hoped to finish seven of these slices of bread, but, I've only finished three.  But, Tuesday is still two days away.  Who knows, I might make it!  

The slices of bread are filled with 3 layers of batting cut the same shape as the bread.  I found out if I pin through one layer of felt and all of the batting, the sewing goes much quicker.  

After the bread is finished, I'll be making the rest of the meal which includes lettuce, tomatoes and chips.  I'll probably look around to find more veggies and cheeses to load up the sandwiches.  I'm using this tutorial.  

Honestly, I love making this project!  It's time consuming, but so much fun!  

I'm linking up to Kathleen's Sharing Sundays and Kathy'sSlow Sunday Stitching.
Dear Friends, this is my truth.  

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