Friday, October 7, 2016

Philippians 15. So Much Progress! Link Up Parties. Today's Progress on To Do List! Blocks 5-9 Done!

Philippians 1:15
Paul first concedes that yes, there are some who preach Christ out of envy and rivalry.  Again he speaks the truth. 
But then
there's the

Simple Definition of but

·     —used to introduce a statement that adds something to a previous statement and usually contrasts with it in some way
·     : other than
·     —used in speech at the beginning of a sentence that expresses surprise, shock, etc.
Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
I love when I see the word “but” in the middle of a sentence.  It’s saying, “Looky here! 

I’m making a real point!”  My heart perks up.
He points to the positive:
but others out of goodwill
Philippians 1:15b

I try to be a pretty optimistic person.  And, now, after seeing Paul’s optimism under his current circumstances, I’m inspired even more to try to count it all joy.
Strong Women Quotes

My LORD and Savior, thank you for showing us that today and everyday is an opportunity to be optimistic.  Sure, we all are bound to have low points, but they don't last, thanks to the manner in which You take care of us!  Help us to continue to seek ways in which to be help us maintain Your joy, after all, it's Your joy that is our strength!  Amen.

Be blessed today, everyone!

So Much Progress!
Wow!  When I first started using the Simple Minds app, my completion rate of projects was 0.0444%! Now, it's 29%!  I love it!

Link Up Parties
Link up parties are wonderful!  Everyone is so sweet with their comments, that my confidence is growing.  The voices in my head are now but a murmur as you sweet people have encouraged me on my quilting/crocheting/crafting/blogging journey.  Plus, I'm learning so much from everyone else's projects - several of which have landed on my Quilts for 2017 list!   

I encourage you to check out the parties on my left side bar!  It's an easy step by step process to link up.  Because it's a party, one is encouraged to comment on at least 1-2 other projects.  I try to comment on five for each party.

If you know of other link up parties, please let me know in the comments/email me and I'll check them out!

Sadly, this week has been a crazy one, and I've missed a few parties.  :(  

Today's Progress on To Do List!
One of this week's goals was to sew up twelve blocks for the Covered in Love charity I wrote about here.  I finished 4 more blocks!  Yeah!  I'm halfway to my OMG! Here they are!
I'm so excited to be this far!  I'm eager to make next month's blocks, but my commitment will probably be fewer blocks.  String blocks are so easy and quick to whip out!  

Dear Friends, this is my truth!

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