Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Philippians 1:14 (Part 2). Tuesday To Do List. A Question for Bloggers.

Philippians 1:14
Today, with this scripture, I really felt led to listen to this song first.

And then this one is also on my heart:

Paul is pointing out, yet again, 

that a presumably negative experience 
has a positive God-spin! 
His chains are not for naught!  
(I love to play with words!)

Most of the brother and sisters have grown in confidence in the LORD and are daring, 
yes, daring 
all the more 
to proclaim the gospel without fear!

Let’s look at this part:

And because of my chains,
Most of the brother and sisters
Have become confident in the LORD

Do you see the significance of that part of the verse??!!! 
It makes me want to dance!
Sometimes situations seem so rock bottom 
that there’s nowhere to go 
but up!

Most of the brothers and sisters 
saw no choice 
but to grow in confidence 
in the LORD and 
dare to proclaim
– yes – 
proclaim the gospel without fear!
Paul did not use the word preach or teach, but “proclaim”!
  • : to say or state (something) in a public, official, or definite way : to declare or announce (something)
  • : to show (something) clearly

The word declare caught my eye. That's exactly what I picture the Philippians doing!
  • : to say or state (something) in an official or public way
  • : to say (something) in a strong and confident way
  • : to tell the government about (money you have earned or received) in order to pay taxes

In the face of adversity they proclaimed the gospel in a strong and confident way! Wow!

The very FOUNDER of their church was imprisoned!
But they did not falter! 
their confidence 
in the LORD,
not in a man,
but in the LORD,
“And because of my chains,
most of the brothers and sisters
have become
more confident in the LORD…”

It was a process.
They faced adversity.
They had to have turned to the LORD.
He gave them so much confidence
that they began to proclaim His Word –
while the founder of the church was in chains.

As I faced
breast cancer, 
the memories of a painful past,
the memories of abandonment,
My precious LORD and Savior was there to minister to me
Until then,
He waited for me. 
Confident in the LORD

Now I face
breast cancer with victory,
the memories of the memories of a painful past,
the memories of abandonment with the knowledge that
I was NEVER abandoned. 
And you know what,
you weren’t either.
And neither is your loved one
who is currently suffering.

Whew, LORD, this was a tough post to write!
Some warning would have been nice.
I’m spent.
But, Father, I know You are at work.
And I know You will refresh me.
And I praise You for that!
Father God, I know there are people reading this who 
are very sick,
are caregivers to the very ill,
have been hurt as I have been hurt,
or perhaps even worse than I.
Be there for them, my LORD,
as You were there for me.
Father, bless myself, 
my readers and friends
with Your presence,
strength, confidence, and comfort.
Thank you my LORD 
for all you have done in my life.
Please continue to form me into the 
woman of God 
You would have be me.

Tuesday To Do List
Here is my Tuesday To Do List from last week:
Hand Sewing 
binding ABC quilt
Done! and even finished and attached the label

Secret Project
Oh oh!
I am kinda glad I didn't even start this project because it's a Christmas gift and I have an even better project for this person - thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Companies Daily Deal!  So excited!  :)

Regular Sewing 
Frankenstein sew batting scraps

Baby M2’s crochet afghan Crochet ½ of the 42 Blue Dots for Border

Quilt Labels 
Michael’s Dallas Cowboy Afghan Label

BOM’s & QAL’s 
Drunkards Path Done!
Quilty 365 – get caught up Done!

Here's my List for this week:
10/04 – 10/11
Hand Sewing
Finish bread slices for felt food
 I need 6 more slices of bread.  
They're cut out, just need to be stitched up.

(Please check out the link!)
Christmas Sewing – choose pattern cut out fabric
3 blocks are already finished!
Regular Sewing
Tablecloth for prayer garden bistro

BabyM2’s crochet afghan crochet 21 more blue dots for border
It looks finished, but it's going to have matching dots on the border.  I need 42 of each color.

BOM’s & QAL’s 
Be My Neighbor:  Block 2

Quilty 365:   learn to QAYG; quilt at least 3 blocks of Row 1

Row 1 and Sammy

He's roughly 15 years old 
and a snuggle bug.  :)

A Question for Bloggers.
I'm looking for some help with my blog regarding replying to comments.  I review my comments on the dashboard of blogger.  When I see comments, I publish them and then hit reply and respond to them.

So many of you reply to my comments via email.  This is nice as it fosters friendships as well. 

Here's my question:
When I reply to comments on my web page, does the person who commented get an email as well?

Or is it all a separate process?

Thank you!

Dear Friend, this is my truth!  :)
I would really appreciate your input!  


  1. Awesome devotional! I know it is all true knowing what all you have gone through, knowing my own experiences and knowing Abba Father. You truly have accomplished so many of your projects and this inspires me to work toward my art goals too. Love you and thank you for always sharing your heart.

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad my son-in-law asked the question, "Why do you start so many projects without finishing the first one?" That was the catalyst for the changes!
      God is so good to help me with these devotionals! :)

  2. Oh wow! You got a lot done, and have another long list! Enjoy the week of creativity!

    1. Thank you Sharon!
      This week's list may be extended to next week.....what an active week it's been! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Wow, such a busy week of crafting and getting things accomplished! I am loving your progress pictures. Those strip blocks look wonderful! As far as replying to comments, blogger does not notify the original commenter of any replies. I use Wordpress, but I still have to use a plugin that will send an email of the comment, and my reply, to the original poster. I tend to forget to go back and see if there are any replies to comments I've left, so I may miss out on replies.

    I think that's why a lot of bloggers will simply use the email notification of a comment and use that to reply to the commenters individually, without putting a reply comment on the blog. The plugin I use puts my reply on the blog (so others can see that I do actually reply to comments) while sending the original commenter an email notification too so that they get to see that I replied. I hope that helps!

    1. Thank you so much! I will look into that! I appreciate you taking the time to teach me about this!