Monday, October 3, 2016

Philippians 1:14. Covered In Love + OMG.

Philippians 1:14
I love what Paul is saying here: 

And because of my chains

Paul is not denying his situation. 

He is stating, “Yup, I’m in chains.” 

Not so quick. 
Remember verse 12?
He prefaces his statement about being in chains with the fact that this trial has a positive God-spin on it: 

It serving to advance the gospel!

My dear brothers and sisters, 
whatever we are going through, triumph or trial, 
can all be used to advance the gospel! 

I can honestly tell you that having 
Triple Negative Breast Cancer 
has been one of the 
biggest challenges, 
yet also one of the 
biggest blessings 
of my life.  

Even the resulting fatigue and exacerbated fibromyalgia have been a blessing. 

During my trip to Houston, my treatments and now, my recovery, 
I have grown in Christ, 
been given countless opportunities to minister and be ministered to, 
made many new friends and 
grown in compassion, 
gentleness and 
(Well, to be honest, I’m still working on that last bit!).  
Sound familiar?

Now granted, I do have my difficult days.  And that’s when I allow myself a pity party inviting
fear, frustration, anger and depression
as well as
God, my Father,
The Holy Spirit,
faith, joy, peace, and victory!

I learned this lesson from this book:

Praying Through Cancer:
Set Your Heart Free from Fear:
A 90-Day Devotional for Women

And guess what?  It’s not just for women!

So, I strongly believe in stating the facts as they are.

I also believe that
All The Time God Is Good Quotes
Now, there may be times I say it 
through clenched teeth or with a sigh, 
but I say it and I mean it…..
because it’s true.
My dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for
giving me grace,
healing me of TNBC,
showing us that Romans 8:28 
is so very true.
Covered In Love and OMG
So, I had a monthly goal and it got erased from my list of priorities when I remembered this charitable sewing opportunity:  Covered in Love.  When I read about it, I knew this was my God Wink, if you will.

Kat and her "cat" are the sweetest pair I have seen online!  Kat is a nurse who saw a need for family members and patients who are dying in a hospital setting:  a quilt.  This quilt is delivered to the patient by a nurse or hospital chaplain.  

Then, after the patient passes, the family can take it home as a memento or, as she called it, a transitional object.  Kat linked to this site for more information on transitional objects.  

I related to this.  We had a special store bought blanket.  As my mother-in-law grew increasingly ill, she would spend weekends with us.  That blanket quickly became her favorite.  

During her last hospital stay, we took it to her and it warmed her until her last breath.  Now, a few years later, whenever my husband is sick, sad or just missing his mama, I cover him with it, and he is greatly comforted.

All Kat asks for is a quilt block a month.
I can do that.
But of course - the more the better!  

She provides the pattern for each month.  
This month it's strip blocks
I can do that, too!

So, my OMG is to make 12 strip blocks.
Wanna join me?  
If so, check out her site for all the information.

UPDATE:  Silly me, I forgot to show you my first three blocks for Covered in Love!
Nine more blocks to go!  :)

I'm linking up to One Monthly Goal at Red Letter QuiltsMonday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt and Moving It Forward Monday at Em's Scrapbag.  Wanna join the parties?

Dear Friend, this is my truth!


  1. The charity blocks are a great idea! My charity sewing goes to Project Linus, but maybe I can throw in a block or two for Kat. grace and peace...praying your day is productive and pain free!

    1. That's wonderful that you have a charity sewing project! I'm learning that most quilters sew for a charity as well. I guess we are big hearted people. :) Thank you for your blessing and prayers! Blessings to you! Take good care!

  2. Oh my.. What a story you have!
    Thank God that you came through it with greater love for him!
    I LOVE your verses and the way you have applied it to yourself, for us to see and say, oh yeah.. I get that too.
    I am now a follower and I look forward to your blog lifting me up by reminding me of God's love!
    I also love the charity blocks idea, I will have to read and see if it is something i can contribute to. :D
    Have a Blessed day!

    1. Yes! Thank God! He is so faithful - even when we are not. He is so patient with us! Thank you so much for your kind words. God is indeed good. Many times, I questioned as to whether or not this little part of the internet was blessing anyone. Your words of encouragement feed my spirit! Thank you!

      I pray you are encouraged every day as well! Thank you for checking out Covered In Love! Blessings!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Deb! So sweet of you! Thank you for visiting!

  4. A wonderful cause, & project. It is amazing how many quilts can be put together when many hands are involved! They look so pretty across the bench.

    1. Thank you Heidi! The picture was from Covered in Love. They do look gorgeous don't they?

      Definitely a worthy cause! Thank you so much for commenting!

  5. You are such a strong Godly woman with a beautiful testimony :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I praise God for His tender mercies! He is so good to us! Blessings!

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  7. Beautiful story! You are an inspiration! I think when difficulties come, our first inclination is to doubt the goodness of a God. And yet He remains faithful.thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, Katy, God is so good - even amidst our doubts and fears. I'm so grateful for those who planted and watered the seeds of faith in my heart and for those who took the time to disciple me! Thank you for your kind comments!