Sunday, October 16, 2016

Philippians Overview Thus Far. Blogging. A New Experience in Slow Stitching

Philippians Overview Thus Far, Friends, Blogging
I love the progression of Paul’s letter thus far!
First, he identifies himself as the author.  (v.1)

Second, he lovingly greets the recipients.  (v.1)

And then - how awesome is this – he blesses them!. (v.2)
He blesses them. 

Next, he not only tells them how grateful he for them but also why! 
Finally he shares the great hope he has for them.   (v. 3-8)

Let's remember his powerful prayer as well! (v. 9-11)

This is a great way to begin a letter!

Then he begins to encourage the Philippians – though he is the one in chains.  (v. 12-14) 

This powerful message has truly blessed me this morning.  To see an example of such love and strength does my heart good.  

Paul definitely had some extremely difficult moments in his life.  

And so have I.
And so have you.  
And we experience our sadness, grief and depression for a season.  

And then, when the time is right,
we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and go on
to be the best we can be,
to encourage others,
to love others,
to see the good in life.
And, yes, life is good!
Image result for orange picking itself up
Today’s sharing comes from the realization that I have some growing to do. 
But then, isn't that what life is - 
a continual growing process?

I love how God works through
friends – both online and in person,
family and others
to show me a new growth opportunity almost weekly. 

Oh, yes, my dear friends, life is indeed good!  My cup overflows with love and gratitude for you all!  Your comments of encouragement, your views and your emails are so wonderful! 

You’re changing me.  You’re making me a “commenting follower” of blogs.  Even if I just have a few quick thoughts to share, I’m beginning to comment on many of the blogs I follow. 
Because that’s encouraging. 
And don’t we all need encouragement? 

My dear friends, visitors, family and friends, I’m grateful for you and I pray peace, love, joy and a seam ripper free day for you today!

A New Experience in Slow Stitching
I finally took the plunge into hand quilting the first row of my Quilty 365 quilt!  What in the world was I afraid of?  It's fun!

A good friend, Victoria, is helping me along. I layered the top and batting and took off stitching.  Then she made a great point:  Add the backing fabric so that my stitches will show on the back as well.  That would be perfect as I want to journal the reasons I chose that particular fabric on the back. The quilted circle would be the perfect place to do so!  
But, then we have the sticky problem of the first row of quilting is already done.....
We discussed some solutions, but I'm not worried, something will come up and it will be fine!  This is so much fun!

Dear Friends, this is my truth!


  1. Lovely start to your hand quilted circle blocks, the little Spooky embroidery is starting out nice.

  2. SUch fun projects to work on... love the quilting on the circle project and am so glad to hear you are enjoying it! What were you afraid of?!?!? LOL Have fun!

    1. Thank you for your comments - and question! I'm not sure what in the world I was afraid of! It's really so much fun! Blessings!

  3. A good word from the Good Book! Your Spooky stitchery is quite fun! And I adore hand-quilting...yours is coming along swimmingly! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Blessings to you!