Monday, June 20, 2016

Proverb of the Day. Mountains and.....confessions! Yo -YO Quilt. Happy Song.

Proverb of the Day: Proverbs 21:13
Merriam Webster’s definition of “poor” is just what I thought it would be:  minimal material possessions, one’s circumstances incites pity or one who is humbled.  When one of our poor brother’s or sister’s cry out or our LORD points out their silent cry, we must hear and be sensitive to their cry!  As human beings, we must do this.  Not only because if we don’t our LORD won’t hear our own cries of poverty – whatever they may be – but because we are human beings.  We know better.
And when we do this, we need to remember that a relationship begins.  We need to continue it!  It will bless us beyond belief to see this once “poor” person rise to the point where they, in turn, will be able to stand in God’s grace and help other “poor” people.
LORD, thank you for this gentle reminder.  Help me to be sensitive to the cry of the poor!

Mountains and.....confessions!
My daughter's family have been enjoying camping this month.  We went to spend the day with them and believe me it was refreshing to get away from the over 100 degree temps and be in the upper 80's. I'm so blessed to have wonderful grandbabies and a son-in-law who enjoys my company!  :)

Speaking of son-in-laws.....he asked my daughter why we start so many projects before we even finish the one we are working on!  To be fair, she actually finishes her project before starting new ones! 

But me?  Ha!  Let's see if I can answer that question....
1) There's so many wonderful projects I want to make!
2) There's so many beautiful fabrics and so little time!
3) I'm nuts for crafting!

I have been pondering his question though.  I made a list of all my projects - and even counted them!  
He asked me how many I had....I refused to confess....but I will here....
But first, let me show you how I figured this all out.

First, I wrote them in a notebook using one (or two, or three.....) pages for each craft, made an index, then got to work finishing my WIPs.  

It really didn't look so bad, but then I started playing with Simple Mind mapping tool and....oh oh.....
These are projects that I have bought materials for.....ouch! And, full disclosure, I believe there's a few more scrapbook projects out there.  Some, are ongoing, long term, but they are still there.  So, here's the breakdown:

Quilt Labels - 3
Machine Sewing Projects - 9
Crochet - 8
Quilting - 8
Hand Sewing - 7

GRAND (or not so grand) TOTAL:  36 WIPS!   
Eeeesh!  I know I can knock out 3 rather quickly.  Can you guess which they are?  Yup.  The 3 quilt labels!  So, I feel a bit better.....about knowing there's one more project I just accepted:  machine embroidering my granddog's tshirt!  :)

I'll keep you posted on my progress because it's good for me to be accountable.  And my dear Son-in-Law, if you want to know how many WIPs I have, you have to read my blog!  :)

Yo Yo Quilt
I find it difficult to balance work on crochet projects and hand sewing projects.  I'm inspired by Kathy's Quilts Slow Stitching Sunday idea.  The difference for me is that I'm slow stitching on the weekends - which for me is Friday night through Sunday night.  I love it so far and made great progress on my Yo Yo Quilt.  
However, once an adjustment is made to my design board, I'll work on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I'm eager to have it off my design board so I can snuggle with it!  
This is an older picture.  It's a lot more finished!  
So, a lot on my crafting plate right now. Writing it out, it feels overwhelming, but I'm also trying to focus on envisioning the finished products and the joy they will bring!

I love's so healing and fulfilling!  

Happy Song
Here's a blast from the past!  I love the beat, it's happy!

Dear Friends, this is my truth!


  1. Wow you are brave to list your projects like that!
    Hope you enjoy working on them with the Slow Sunday Stitching folks to cheer you on!

  2. Thank you! I needed a good kick in the you know what to finally finish them! They take up so much space in my sewing room and mind. Putting them out there makes me accountable, I hope! :) Thank you for your encouragement!

  3. Glad you were able to go up to the mountains and be with your family! Cool how you mind mapped all your projects and happy for you that you have been able to complete some of them. Step by step and bit by bit they will get completed. I've been tweeking my post-it of projects layout too so I can see more clearly some deadlines I have or need to create. It is in a rough drape form for now hope to have them charted up on a board soon.