Saturday, June 11, 2016

Six Months Out.Proverb of the Day 7:9. Cancer, Get Cancer and Die! Happy Song.

Six Months Out
Ok, so I just got home from Part 1 of my bone scan – you know – the scan that looks for cancer of the bones. 
Part 1 is an injection with mild radioactive materials that allow the bones to be seen on a scan.  Part 2 is the scan taken exactly three hours later. 
We are performing this test to try and figure out the reasons for the continuing foot pain.
Is it chemotherapy related neuropathy?
Is it that the chemotherapy aggravated the fibromyalgia?
My oncologist has decided on several courses of action because his clinical exam does not indicate the first option:  chemotherapy related neuropathy.
1.         A B12 blood test
2.        A thyroid blood test
3.        A bone scan
4.        A nerve conduction study

These tests on top of the

5.        DX mammogram
I didn’t realize how nervous I was about the bone scan until I was on my way to the appointment for the injection.  Eeeesh.  There’s any number of dear friends who would have gone with me, but I thought it was no big deal.  Ha!
But God is faithful, even in our (my) silliness.  I plugged in my faithful Praise list and played this song:

I love this part of the song:
You brought me this far
So why would I question You now
You have provided
So why would I start to doubt
I’ve never been stranded, abandoned
Or left here to fight alone
So I’m giving You control
Even in my roughest most painful times, God was there right with me.  You know how I know?  I asked him where He was and He showed me.
He was there
fighting for me.
You know how I know?
I’m literally alive.
I’m here.
At this point, I’m working out the why’s of past pains,
But I’m here
To work them out
With Him.
I’m here.

If peace is a river let it sweep over me
If I’m under fire I know it’s refining me
When I hear You calling out I follow now
Wherever the road may go
I know You’re leading me home
-          Lift My Life Up by Unspoken
I’m being refined right now and He’s leading me home.  Therefore, I can sincerely sing the chorus with my entire heart – even if it’s through my tears:
I lift my life, lift my life up
I give it all in surrender
I lift my heart, lift my heart up
You can have it forever
All my dreams, all my plans
Lord,†I leave it in Your hands
I lift my life, lift my life up
Have Your way in me
Have Your way in me

·       Lift My Life Up by Unspoken

Update:  unofficial word is that my bones are cancer free! Dance of joy, people!!

Proverb of the Day 7:9
Night times seems to make everything disquieting.
Fevers seem to go up at night.
Suspenseful movies.
A noise in the back room of the house.
Here’s verse 9 in context:
We believe darkness covers sin.
That’s when temptation and the enemy rear their ugly heads. 
But it’s also a great opportunity for prayer and when our victory through our LORD Jesus Christ can be the greatest!  As we fervently pray for ourselves and our loved ones, His Spirit will move in ways unimagined by our finite minds!
I heard this story during a Sunday sermon many years ago.
A young lady dressed to go dancing.  She didn’t realize the club she was going to was extremely disreputable. 
That same night a Grandmother is suddenly compelled to pray for her granddaughter.  She prays throughout the night without ceasing.  She prays the blood of Jesus over her beloved grandchild. 
The young lady is in line to pay her cover charge.  Suddenly the bouncers start screaming, “Get her out of here!  She’s covered in blood!  Get her out of here!”

Yup, she was covered in blood – Jesus’ precious blood saved her – thanks to a Grandmother’s tender spirit obeying the call of God to pray – at night.
“ via facebook: County Cajun Magic

Cancer, Get Cancer and Die!
I found out a person I worked with has leukemia.  It’s really bothering me.  I’m not part of his inner circle at all.  I was once a colleague and even then for just a brief time. 
But I will write him and say that
he’s being prayed for,
I would like to send him a note once in awhile,
And give him support group information.

Hopefully, he allows me to send an occasional short note.
I keep reminding myself it’s all about him now, not me.  But, I also know I would feel better if I could do something.
My heart breaks for him.  He’s so young and talented in his field.
I will end with this image I came across some time ago.
i wish cancer would get cancer and die | ... - Dear Cancer, I hope you get cancer and die. That is all:

Ok, so I saw this image and just had to post it….it has nothing to do with anything.  It’s just funny.
Happy Song

Dear Friend, 
This is my truth.

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