Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Bible Reading Plan. Proverb of the Day 20:30 + God Saw US. He Still Does. Joyful Song.

My Bible Reading Plan
How many of you have begun a Bible Reading Plan to read through the Bible in a Year or something similar?  How many of you actually completed it?  I know, it’s hard to admit how many times I’ve started a plan and stopped.  The reasons are many:

I fell behind and just gave up. 

I would detoured by a scripture, then stop everything to study it and not continue the plan.

I just didn’t do it.

This time is different for me. 

Even if I fall behind, I just pick up where I left off. 

If a scripture catches my eye, I read up on it very briefly, and then continue with my daily reading without journaling.  I know God will bring it to my remembrance again. 

I make sure I don’t “just not do it”.  I have a goal:  to read through the Bible.  I am determined to reach my goal!

To track my progress I’m using the Bible Study Tools app which downloads to a smart phone or I can use the website.  I chose the chronological plan
Now, this is not my Bible study time, this is my leisurely reading time, reading for pleasure.  So, I switched to the Life Recovery Bible in the NLT version on my Nook.  It’s an easy read, portable and extremely easy to maneuver.  Now, I am highlighting verses which catch my eye, so I can go back for a more in depth study.   I love that there are links to notes regarding character studies with additional links to take me right back to where I was. 
And now, the point of this whole topic:

God Saw US Then and He Still Does
I was innocently reading along in Genesis, when I came upon Abram, Sarai and Hagaar.  You can read about them here
My Nook gave me a version to click on called “No-Win Situations”.  It talked about how Hagaar was definitely in a no-win situation:  completely powerless and trapped.  Yet, at her lowest point, and Angel of the LORD says,

11 And the angel also said, “You are now pregnant and will give birth to a son. You are to name him Ishmael (which means ‘God hears’), for the Lord has heard your cry of distress.   Genesis 16:11

Now, I’m not saying what happened to Hagaar was right – it wasn’t.  It wasn’t God’s plan.  But, we all have free will and we all sin.

Others have sinned.
Others have sinned against us.
Others have sinned greatly against us.
And it hurt a lot.
It still does.
I know.
I’ve been there.
Many times.

Today, this scripture gave me great hope and comfort.  Because, now, many years later,
I can see how those hurts (EDITED June 21, 2016 3:34 p.m.)  it wasn't the hurts that made these great changes in my life - It was God's presence in my life during those hurts.  It was His grace that allowed me to chose to be have made me

a better person who has more compassion and less judgement,

a more insightful teacher who was able to recognize my hurting students and nurture them,

a person who is becoming a better instead of bitter,

someone who writes this blog in the hopes of bringing God, healing and hope in Jesus' name to hurting people.

EDITED June 21, 2016
I heard the last bit of "You Come Running" by Travis Ryan.  Though I couldn't find a full video of it, here's the chorus:
You coming running
Into all my brokenness
Into all my hopelessness
I am not alone
You come running
Even when I hide from You
There is nothing I can do to keep me from Your love
‘Cause You come running, running
You come running

Which brings us to the Proverb of the Day.
 Proverb of the Day 20:30
Proverbs 20.30

The Good News Translation sums it up.  Yup, it does.  
I know that I know God wept when you and I were being hurt.....remember everyone has free will.
I know that God saw us because when I asked Him where He was, He showed me exactly where He was standing in my hurtful situation.
I know He will reveal more to me.  
I know He still sees me.
I know that, by His Grace, I will be stronger, better........
I know.

My LORD and Savior, it has taken me many years
many tears
many questions
much bitterness
to reach this point.  
But I'm here.
And You're here, for me.  
For her.
For him.
Minister I pray, my LORD, to all of us.

Joyful Song
heal not only our bodies, 
but our hearts,
our souls,
our minds,
our memories!
In Jesus' name I pray.
Dear Friend,
This is my truth.

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