Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Proverb of the Day 15:23. Happy Song.

Proverb of the Day 15:23
I agree with Matthew Henry’s Commentary, it is awesome when we know we have given an apt – suitable or proper – answer.  Not only does the speaker find joy in helping their friend, but, indeed, a timely word is good – to me – is a blessing. 

Today I asked God to show me a verse that I have read often and overlooked, hence today’s Proverb.  And look how true verse 23 is!  

Confession time: 
I’m not one for chit chat, small talk, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! I tend to put my foot in my mouth during small talk!   

prefer to get to the meat of a person – of a friend: 
“Hello!  How are you?  Now, how are you really?  I care and want to know!  The cell phone is off.  I’m listening to you.”  Or even just giving them a hug – a really one.  Then asking if they would like to get together – and actually setting a date.

It’s during these times that God seems to work through me – to help me really listen, read body language and tenderly ask questions. Or sometimes to just listen, no judgement, no questions, just compassionately listening. 
Listening is becoming a lost art.
Compassionate listening is also an apt reply. 
But, on the other side of the coin what would I have done without my friends listening to me this past year.  I have definitely been on the receiving end of an apt reply and a timely word! 
LORD, thank you for this hidden jewel in Your Word!  Thank you for my all my loved ones’ listening, crying and comforting me as we all fought breast cancer!  You are amazing, LORD! 
Please help me to be the one who gives and apt reply and a timely word……and help me to reach out to others that I may receive their apt reply and timely words as well.  It’s so much easier to give than to receive….I know I need to work on reaching out and receiving…..
You’re so good, LORD!

Happy Song


  1. Thank you for everyone of your postings this week! So encouraged me! Today's esp! Thank you, Love you

  2. Thanks for your comment over on my blog. I've been away and I'm just getting to looking at comments. Glad I could help with providing an image I didn't make. :)

    But I do love what the image says, and I love what you say about listening. I would rather know how my friends and loved ones are REALLY doing, too, and truly listening is the key. Yes, it's becoming a lost art, but there are a few of us out there who still hold it sacred.

    Have a great week!