Monday, June 6, 2016

Proverb of the Day.

Proverb of the Day
You know, so many lessons can be learned from observation.  I remember, as a child, my Dad would tell me, “Consider the source.”  This was in reference to gossip and people saying hurtful things to me.  

As an educator, I remember when my third grade students were faced with similar cruelties, I would ask them, “Is it true?”  They would pause, consider my question and, much to their surprise, say, "No."  Then I would tell them, “Ignore it and consider the source.” 

I’m not sure why this Proverb led me to these experiences, I’m really not.  But, I’ll continue writing and see where it takes me. 

When my baby sister (she’s now in her 30’s, but, in my eyes, still my baby sister!) wanted to be like the other teens in her high school, my dad would tell her to stay focused, set goals and pursue them. 
He warned her that the partying set would sadly suffer the consequences of their actions.  She, on the other hand, would be successful in life.
Thankfully, she ended up listening to Dad, for the most part, and is an extremely accomplished social worker who has literally saved lives via her confidence in advocating for her clients. 
And me?  I would like to think that I made an impact on my students’ lives, many of whom kept in touch with me well after they left my classroom. 
As for “considering the source”?  I appreciate my friends and I deeply value their friendship and love!  Their words of wisdom and support have been invaluable as I went through breast cancer and many other trials in life.  
My true Source of comfort, wisdom and hope is my LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ!  My Father’s love letter to me, the Bible, definitely provides many instances where I can observe and learn lessons. 

I’m so glad I stuck with this strange, winding path of writing.  I, personally, am encouraged to cling more faithfully, to my Source, my LORD.  I hope you are encouraged as well.

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