Monday, June 13, 2016

Proverb of the Month May 2016. Isaiah 43:2. Happy Song.

Proverb for the Month - May 2016
I love this image……This person seems deep in thought in a beautiful location.  I’m also learning to walk with God, press the pause button, and seek out my motives for my actions.  Of course, I err!  But, as I begin to develop this practice of prayerfully seeking out my heart and motives, I become more loving, more gentle, more Christ like. 

Isaiah 43:2
My love with the ocean started in Okinawa, Japan.  It was there, via a wise friend’s comments, that I saw God’s power in the ocean.  Certainly, I had always seen His majesty as I gazed at the ocean, but power?  Not so much.
She was going through medical testing that required cyclical visits to the hospital in the same day.  On her “off time”, we would go to the beach.  I asked her how she could be so peaceful.  She responded (paraphrased), “You see how the ocean waves come only so far?  If God can hold these powerful waves back from overcoming us, He can certainly handle this situation.” 
Yes indeed.
Reminds me of this beloved verse:
This means me. 
This means you.
Yes, my dear friend, you. 
He loves you.
Dear Friend, this is my truth!

Happy Song

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