Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coasters and Basket. Proverb of the Day. Happy Song.

Coasters and Basket.
Aren’t these coasters so pretty?  I love the fabric!  Sometimes I take a break from quilt making to whip up (yea, right, it took me all day to make these!) a fun, fast project.  Admittedly, I’m a slow sewist, but I have so much fun at each step.  Thank God we have access to  such wonderful bloggers who write wonderful tutorials!
I’m not sure where I got the idea for the self-binding coasters, but there are tons of tutorials out there!  These were fun to make with vintage fabric from my local Bernina Quilt Shop!  

And I used this tutorial for what was supposed to be the coaster holder.  For some reason, mine came out too big, so I now have beautiful napkin holder!  So light and summery!

Proverb of the Day:  Proverbs 4:12.



So, this is what I see as the context of the verse, or taking the verse in context: 
As I write out my thoughts, I find my clarity as well as the ability to communicate what is in my heart, in my spirit……
As I said before, I hadn’t been spending a lot of time in God’s Word, though I had been seeking Him through prayer and song.  Just the same, it felt as if I was running from Him. 
Therefore, verse 12b:  when you run, you will not stumble made an impact on me. 
As we
1:  accept what God has to say,
2:  listen to His instruction in the way of wisdom and
3:  follow His leading on straight paths,
we will not stumble when we run.

As stated once before, I’m clarifying my thoughts as I write.  This seems to be the way I can find meaning and healing in God’s Word.
As I read Proverbs 4:12, I immediately thought of the last few weeks of running from God, of not being physically, emotionally or spiritually able to spend time in His Word.  
I sensed God knew exactly what I needed and He provided it with comfort from a few dear friends, family, music - both secular and worship - and His presence.  I didn’t feel like my steps were hampered, or as if I had stumbled because He held me up with His right hand.  He knew I needed time to heal in a different way.  And He gave it to me.  Because that is how He works with His hurting children – with love, wisdom, and patience. 

And, just maybe,
I wasn’t running from Him at all, but
running to Him,
running to Him to hear what He had to say,
running to Him to listen to His instruction in the way of wisdom and 
running to Him to follow His leading on straight paths. 
Yup.  I was running to Him.  Yup.

 Let the Children Come to Me


Heavenly Father, 
Thank you for your never ending patience with me.  Thank you for Your healing touch.  
Thank you for helping me to trust that Your hand has been there all my life - even as I suffered at the hands of others.  
Thank you for helping me to see I wasn’t running from You, but to you.  
Help me to continue to lean on You.  
Bring healing to my heart, my emotions, my spirit.  Help my heart to comprehend the why of these painful experiences.  Though my head understands, my heart struggles.  As I’m sure Yours did as well.  Help my readers to heal and understand as well.  In Jesus’ precious name I ask.  Amen.

Happy Songs
These last weeks have been heavy – really heavy.  I needed to keep from despair, so I made a playlist of my happy songs and played them! Most are worship songs, but this one is from England from the disco era.  
While listening, I make of fool of myself in front of the dogs as I sing along and dance.  My voice is so “wonderful” they can’t help but howl!  I play them full blast in my car and sing my heart out.  I even danced with my grandbabies and taught them a few disco moves!  It’s easy to be joyful listening to this song.  I first heard in on a Netflix series called River. 

Go ahead….sing along…dance!

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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