Thursday, June 9, 2016

Proverb of the Day. Happy Song.

 Proverb of the Day
Verses 1 and 2 are certainly an interesting way to introduce the chapter warning against adultery. 
Pay attention…..
my first question is to what should I pay attention?
to my wisdom
whose wisdom? Who is “my”?  Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary tells us it’s Solomon – of course! 
You see, in my eyes, though Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs, the Bible is inspired by God!  I read it as I’m reading God’s letter to me.  Therefore, though Solomon penned Proverbs, he was inspired by God’s Spirit.  Consequently, to me, it is God’s wisdom I am gleaning. 
God is asking us to
pay attention to His wisdom and to turn our ears to His insight.
That we may maintain discretion
and that our lips may preserve knowledge. 
The Amplified Bible gives great insight when studying a scripture 

My son, be attentive to my wisdom [Godly wisdom learned by costly experience],
Incline your ear to my understanding;

That you may exercise discrimination and discretion (good judgment),
And your lips may reserve knowledge and answer wisely [to temptation].
Paying attention to God’s wisdom and turning our ears to His words of insight will help us exercise good judgement, have knowledge and answer wisely to temptation. 

Well worth studying God’s Word, wouldn’t you say?  Yup, I’m preaching to myself.  In my times of pain, I need to immerse myself more than ever in His Word.  Perhaps we all do….
Prayer is wonderful, as is inspirational, comforting music.  But I feel like God is telling me to be brave and open my heart to His Word and healing. To resist the temptation to avoid His Word - which I know understand delays my healing.

To show Him my raw emotional wounds.
To trust Him.
To be healed by Him. 

And you know what?  
I'm ready.
I'm ready to do the hard work.
I'm ready to trust Him.
I'm ready. 
healing emotional pain
Thank you my oh so precious Lord and Savior for bringing me to a place where I can see some light in my healing. 
It’s hard, Lord.
It’s tough.
But so are You.
And, through You, so am I.
My life is in you, LordMy strength is in you,Lord. My hope is in you,Lord, In you,it’s in you (Repeat)I will praise youWit...

Here’s another happy, light song that gets me smiling!

Dear Friends, this is my truth!

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