Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Regret. Defeat. Greatest Lesson. Proverb of the Day.

Regret.  Defeat.
I'm not sure if I mentioned that I lived in a city about an hour away during radiation.  After hearing my story, the manager of the Marriot Hotel gave me a significant discount, so I was able to live in the city where I had my daily radiation treatments.  My dear husband drove an extra two hours every day to be with me in the evenings.  Imagine! But, alas, I digress.... 

While there, I discovered KLOVE, one of the best Christian radio stations I have ever heard!  I would listen to it on the way and back from Texas Oncology. God used this station to speak encouragement, courage and healing to me.   I purchased and created a playlist of the songs that truly ministered to me.  I still listen to them all the time.  

Yesterday, the following song spoke deeply to me.  I'm on the journey to healing, to creating a new life for myself.  And it's wonderful.  
Perhaps you are living with regret and defeat as the voices in your head.  May I suggest you turn this song up really loud, listen to it several times, dance and go nuts praising God - and go forth living in victory as the "Child of the One True King"!!!  

I did that just this morning.
I was freed.
I may forget.
I may push play and repeat.

You were on my mind, too.
You may need to do this.
You can be free.
You may forget.
Push play and repeat.

Greatest Lesson.

Proverb of the Day.
Oh LORD! How I struggle with this!  I'm getting better, but sure could use Your help with this one!  The question, "Does it improve on the silence?", is helping me to keep my tendency to rise to the challenge of a quarrel in check.  Please continue to help me be a person of honor and avoid strife.

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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