Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Portable Prayer Wall. Family Prayer Sticks. Proverb of the Day.

Portable Prayer Wall
After watching the movie, War Room, I was inspired to make a prayer wall, only mine is semi-portable. The reason it is semi-portable is because my devotional desk is in our living room right smack in the middle of my wall-to-wall library.  When we have guests, I simply remove it and place it in a closet.  

It's made from a 2' by 2' pegboard.  First, I covered it with a couple of layers of quilt batting.  Then, I covered the batting with fabric that coordinates with my living room.  Afterward, I threaded a 12" piece of twine through the corners.  This was difficult as I had to find the corner holes in the pegboard and then thread them through all that batting and fabric.  I used a large needle and a hemostatic clamp to pull the needle through.  (Honestly, there must be an easier way to do this!)  Afterward, I just hung it in my living room.  I absolutely love this as I have access to my Bible study library and my prayer wall.  Plus, if I choose to study in my living room, I can hear our backyard waterfall from the backyard. 

To utilize it, I simply use my 2" scrapbooking hole punch to make pretty circles.  I write my prayer requests on them and as the LORD gives me scriptures for those prayers, I pin them next to the prayers.  

I glue answered prayers into my "Praise Slambook".  It's an  encouragement to me right now and a powerful testimony for my family later on!  Love it!  

(Ok, I now realize, I need to provide pictures if I'm going to keep writing mini tutorials!)

Family Prayer Sticks.

I absolutely fell in love with this idea from Shelly at Dolen Diaries for Family Prayer Sticks!  She uses it at dinner time when they say grace to make this special prayer time more meaningful for her children.  Though we are empty nesters, I believe this would be fantastic practice for my husband and I!  Really, consider checking out Shelly's idea this idea out!  

Proverb of the Day.
Do not forsake your mothers teaching - Proverbs 6:20-21

I see this scripture and think of those who were raised by abusive parents.  Or what about those who were never introduced to the concept of God?  

Here are my thoughts.  The Holy Spirit draws us to Him.  Even if both or one of our parents were cruel, the Holy Spirit yearns to minister to that hurting child within.  
Isaiah 49-15
God will make Himself known to those who have never heard of His salvation.  Here's a couple of reasons I believe this.

Two children came over to ask if my grandson could play.  I explained that he was in very sick and unable to play.  One became very sad.  I asked both children to pray for him.  The other child asked, "Pray? What's that?"  Yup.  That really happened.  His companion and I explained who God is and what prayer is.  I believe the conversation continued as they left my house.

Another true story.  After 9/11, I sat my students on our carpet and asked them how they were feeling.  After they talked themselves out, I asked them what they did when they were afraid.  As they were sharing, one little girl said, "I pray."  When one little boy asked what that was, she explained prayer and God to him.

God makes Himself known.
To the abused.
To the one who has never heard of Him and His amazing grace.

God makes Himself known.
He teaches us as a loving, faith-filled mother and a father would.
He does this because He loves us - yes - that means you.

And we bind those teachings 
upon our hearts for healing, 
and around our necks as a precious necklace.  

And we begin to know Him.

Dear Friend, this is my truth.


  1. Thank you again for sharing another heart felt message. "...and a child shall lead them..." Love these true stories truly blessed me because children are the ones who invited me as a teen to a church they were at, I wanted what they had so I went and received Jesus as my Savior. God our Father is Mother too and I am so thankful He did to forget me and drew me to Him when there seemed to be no way, He finds a way! Thank you again, love you.

  2. Wow! I didn't realize that you had been invited to church by a child! Awesome!

  3. Wow! I didn't realize that you had been invited to church by a child! Awesome!

  4. Actually, by 2 sisters, I am still in contact with their parents, who were our teen pastors. Our former teen pastors are hoping to come visit us this fall! God our Father is so awesomely me!