Sunday, April 3, 2016

Proverb of the Month - March. Proverb of the Day. A Matter of Faith.

Proverb of the Month - March
At first, I thought this was my Proverb of the Month because of the lingering neuropathy.  But, no, it wasn't.
Proverbs 4:11-12

It was this verse:
Proverbs 23:18, which was my Proverb for the 23rd, also promises that our hope will not be cut off.  

When God repeats Himself, I'm learning to pay attention.

Proverb of the Day
This month I'll be focusing on my word of the year, which I'll discuss in a later post, understanding.  I'll also continue my focus on the #PromisesofProverbs as well.  

This verse is a familiar one to me - it's actually one of the first verses I memorized! 

When I lean on my own understanding, rather than acknowledging Him, the situation becomes cloudy, negative and even hurtful.  I'm confused and unsure. But when I acknowledge God first and lean on Him, I'm more confident and joyful. 

Note that my understanding may not increase, but His joy and confidence fills me so that I have His strength.  

A Matter of Faith - The Movie
In light of this movie, I interpret an important message from this image.  In order to prove each of our sides right, we are missing an important message.

Yes, this movie address the age old debate, creationism vs. evolution.  I always wondered about the evidence - how a Christian would respond to this debate.  

I listened to a few comments.  But, for some reason, I never really paid attention to this debate.  I knew where my heart lay on the subject.  Or, so I thought.  
Until I saw "A Matter of Faith", the movie.  

Here is the debate.


You see, the title of the movie is correct:  It's a matter of faith - and choice.  

This is Biblical.  God gives us a choice.  During my study of Proverbs, I have noted that many times He says, "Choose".  

As a baby Christian, I kept hearing, "God is a gentleman, He will not force His way into your life."
It's true.

I highly recommend watching the movie in it's entirety because Chandler Macocha's character has some great knowledge to share.

Oh, and by the way, if you are one who has chosen to accept Jesus as  your Lord and Savior - here's a question posed by the film.

Are we living our faith with Jesus as an "add on" in our lives?  Or have we submitted our lives to Him in it's entirety?  

The LORD ministered to me deeply after I saw this film.  I was weeping - though I'm not sure why.  

I do know that it has something to do with this blog.
I know that I know I must continue the 30 Day Challenge.  It's a matter of faith - and choice.

Dear Friend, this is my truth.


  1. Yep I listen closely too when God repeats something for a long tome He had to get my attention 3 times then I started praying I would get it sooner so now I'm up to 2 times, hopefully in time I'll get the 1st time around, than God He is patient and kind. There is much our Lord has shown you. Yes, I've seen the film too and I agree it all comes down to a matter of faith. Jesus for me is definatelly not an add on l couldn't live or breath or have my being without Him being my life and center but it is good to be asked this question of myself since sometimes I forget Whose I am in living this everyday life, thank you for sharing.

    Side note: I sent you an email to both email addresses I have of yours about the Journaling thing with some questions was wondering if you got it or not? If not I'll resend it.

  2. Yes, I remember talking about the God repeating Himself to us issue. Very cool that you're down to 2 "repeats"! Nice talking to you today!