Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Crochet Patterns. Joy. Disclaimer. Proverb of the Day. You.

Crochet Christmas Gifts
Every year around November, I'm madly crocheting and sewing gifts for my family and friends.  This year I got an early start!I absolutely totally enjoy making gifts for my loved ones!  It's so much fun choosing a project, pattern and yarn or fabric specifically for them!  I secretly believe that I'm the one who is really blessed one because I derive so much enjoyment in the creative process - especially for loved ones!  

This crocheted scarf and boot cuff set went up really quickly!  I used Lion Brand Heartland Sequoia.  It's so very soft with slight, but beautiful varying shades of brown in it.  I used this pattern  from Jessica and Hilary at Domestic Bliss Squared for the boot cuffs and this one  by Olga from Lacy Crochet for the scarf.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  

                                                Fight Back with Joy, Member Book   -     By: Margaret Feinberg
I had started a Bible study called Fighting Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg.  It was so surprising how it all began.  My husband and I were in a Christian book store and he brought me a bright yellow book with the word "Joy" emblazoned across the front cover.  For those of you who know me well, you know this immediately caught my attention.  I asked him if God had told him to show me the book and he said no, that it just caught his attention.  So I flipped through, didn't see a need to buy a video so I decided to take it.

Fast forward a few weeks and hold onto your hat because there are three "God Winks" coming up!  I picked up the book and decided to research Margaret.  Guess what?  

God Wink #1:  She's a bubbling over with joy breast cancer survivor!  Was this study meant to be or what? 

Remember when I thought there was no need for a video?  Ha!  A video was needed!  I missed that tiny little fact.  

God Wink #2:  I found Session 1 online for free!  I haven't found the rest of the sessions, but I'll soon be looking!

Naturally I needed the book, so I searched online for it and wala!  

God Wink #3:  Here was a copy for my Nook for only $3 - less than the the cost of a cappuccino!  

So, yes, I'll be continuing this study - God surely has place it in my hands for a reason!

I know I've linked to a few businesses and blogs today.  I do not receive compensation for these links.  I provide them for your benefit and ease in case you're interested.  :)  

Proverb of the Day


 How many times in the Bible do we see God asking us to pay attention to His wisdom, to Him?  Such a great and might God actually asking His children to pay attention to Him!  This is very humbling.

You - Yes You.
The strangest thing is happening to me this morning. I really feel in my Spirit that someone out there is reading my blog today.

You're broken.
You're hurting.
You're hopeless.
You're weeping.
You're struggling.

Be blessed today.  
You are not alone.
You are loved.
You are being prayed for.
You have value.

Dear Friend, this is my truth.  

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