Friday, April 29, 2016

Portable DIY Prayer Journal. Proverb of the Day

Portable DIY Prayer Journal
I absolutely love stationary products, sticky notes of all types and sizes, notepads, pens, markers, colored pencils and, yes, journals!  

I have several many journals in my collection - leather ones, spiral bound ones, expensive and inexpensive ones, handmade ones,  and composition books. 

I absolutely love my Scripture Memorization journal made from a spiral bound ruled index card notebook! So, that said, I'm sure you'll understand why I fell in love with this idea from Shelly at Dolen Diaries.  She has inspired me to make a portable prayer journal as well! Please stop by her blog and check it out!

I'm using a 3 X 5" note card binder.  My daughter kindly hole punched the note cards for me using a three hole punch.  

I decided to use a fabric cover because my poor little notebook is a bit worn.  I measured the fabric about 1/4" bigger than the notebook making sure the seam from the leg of the jeans was centered on the spine of the notebook.  Then I cut out the  fabric.  

Then I measured and cut two more pieces for the inner flaps of the notebook, sewed them to the each short end of the original fabric and pressed the seams open. 

 I used 1 1/2" cross grain ribbon as a binding.

 Then I just had to take time out to admire this beautiful bird enjoying his snack outside my sewing studio window!

I wanted a cute, conversation starting cover for my journal.  Who better than Snoopy?  

Using this tutorial from Melissa at Happy Quilting, I printed the above image on muslin and attached it to the front cover of my journal.   

I also added this image to the inside journal.  It will always remind me of a special promise the LORD kept to me which I'll share about later.  
I forgot to add a closure, so my handy dandy seam ripper came in handy as I tore open a short seam, inserted a hair tie, and sewed over it several times to secure it.  I attached a red button to complete the closure.  

It was a no brainer to attach a red yo yo heart!  I love fabric yo yos!    

To follow Shelly's example, I wanted to distiguish between each family member that I would pray for.  I wanted to use washi tape to mark each family members' card, but, sadly, that would prove to be too bulky.  After all, the goal is to make this particular journal portable. So I ended up going with Shelly's idea and color coding the cards. I'm thinking I should also add a "Praise" section!    

So....what do you think?  I love my new prayer journal!  I can hardly wait to see how the LORD will work in my life!

Proverb of the Day

There is a saying regarding the workplace:  

90% of your problems are
10% of your people.

As I read this verse, I am reminded of a friend's struggles at work.  We all know what it is like 
to have conflict in the workplace.
to be treated unfairly.
to be misunderstood.
to be lied about.
to be harrassed.

This verse is so timely today because my friend's challenge is being worked out - Praise God!

Though I am not one to advocate revenge, I do believe that the best revenge is to simply 
continue living one's life, 
continue performing at one's highest level,
and continually seek joy in all circumstances.  

After all there is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD!
Be Joyful In Hope Patient In Affliction Faithful In Prayer - Worship Quote

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