Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Scrappy Sewing, Hand Sewing Projects, Philippians 1:1b

Scrappy Sewing
Of course, scraps are resulting from my
is there a quilt project that 
doesn't lend itself to scraps?  :)  

So, I decided to begin a project 
that's long overdue!  
Hence, I finally began a long awaited quilt inspired by 

Dot Your i's Quilt 
Yea!  I've wanted to begin one 
since I first saw it and now?  

I used this fabulously easy tutorial by
Kim Kesti from Think Fast 
to attach my circles with interfacing.
(According to her website, 
she has now moved.)

Mine is a bit different from
Amanda Jean's,
but I love it.
I started off hand appliqueing the "i's",
but have realized that
I have two major hand sewing projects
as well as several crocheting projects going on.

So, I decided to begin
machine stitching them on with a blanket stitch.  

I do have these four little guys
that don't seem to fit in 
with my Dia de los muertos fabric....
ya' think?  :)

a pillow these will be....
or an inside pocket for this tote?

Hand Sewing Projects
Here are the hand sewing projects I mentioned above.
My Grandmother's Flower Garden 
and my Yo-Yo Quilt. 
By the way, I'm excited to say 
I've added three more yo yo flowers 
for a grand total of nine!  

Philippians 1:1b
Paul was in prison when he wrote this
letter to the Philippians - 
the members of 
the first church he founded.  

As I wrote in my Scripture Journal,
this letter is also addressed to me - 
and to you
because the entire Bible is
the inspired Word of God.
His love letter to me - 
and to you.
As part of God's people that means you.
Yup, you.
"all God's holy people"

"Not me," you say.
My sins are too great.
Nothing can separate from the love of Christ Jesus.
Free ‘Nothing Can Separate Us’ Romans 8:38 Bible Verse Slide

Did you see the part 
where His Word says, 
NOTHING in all creation

I am constantly blown away 
by His love for me.
I hope you are as well.  

Dear Friend,
this is my truth 
and, much more importantly,
His truth for you.

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