Friday, September 23, 2016

Philippians 1:12 (Part 1). Big Stitch, Slow Stitch

Philippians 1:12 (Part 1) 

Paul wants them to know something.  When someone tells me, “I want you to know…” my ears perk up.  What does he want them to know? 

That his imprisonment,
his suffering has served to advance the gospel!

But how has his trial served to advance the gospel?

It has to be his attitude. 
His manner of being.
And God did provide an encourager in the form of Timothy.

Now, all along I thought he was in prison – in a dungeon.
But my NIV Study Bible notes tell me that this time he was under house arrest in his own rental home when he wrote Philippians.  At first this homebody thought, “That’s not so bad.” 

But wait!  This is Paul we’re talking about.  I don’t imagine him enjoying being home all the time.  He could only share the gospel if people came to him!  He was completely out of control of his ability to minister!  He was placed in a position where he couldn’t go to those he knew need Christ more than ever. 

He had to wait for them to come to him.

Sound familiar?


Is God not in the same position?

He will not force His way into our lives.

He waits, standing at the door knocking
Are you ready to admit your need? 
Am I ready to admit my need?

Oh yes!  Come in My LORD, do please come in!
Big Stitch, Slow Stitch
I've finally realized something.
I forgot that Sundays, my Slow Stitching days, were going to be dedicated to working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I started other slow stitching projects and they replaced my Grandmother's Flower Garden.  

So, my other slow stitching projects will be worked on during the week!  Also, I have so many hand stitching projects that a few will now become machine stitched.  

Like my dot your i's quilt and my Quilty 365.
Dot Your i's 
Quilty 365

Around the House Stitching Club
My Around the House Stitching Club also seems to have fallen off the radar and I know why.  It's all hand stitched so it only make sense to want to hand quilt it.  But I've never hand quilted before.  In comes Big Stitch Coasters from Carolyn Friedlander at Sew Mama Sew!
It seems like a quick little project to practice hand quilting.  Mine will be square and I've decided to use these Christmas fabrics.  The green prints will be the front and the red will be the back!  

Being that I have another cold, these will be a perfect project to work on today and tomorrow - along with sewing the label on the baby quilt and crocheting the circles for the border of Baby M2's afghan! Pics of these projects coming soon!

I'm linking up to 
Oh Scraps!
Needle and Thread Thursdays.  

Dear Friend,
This is my truth!

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