Thursday, September 1, 2016

Update on Baby M. OMG Link Party. Philippians 1:7 (Part 2)

Update on Baby M.
Today Baby M returned to school on very limited restrictions.  But, he made it through the day and is now at Parent's Night at his school!  A long day indeed.

He and I get to spend some one-on-one time next Monday!  Thank God for three day holidays!  

Happy dancing, a term used between IBC sisters for a good day or series of good days.

My feet are hurting again and I'm exhausted, but I'm sure it's just my body reacting to events of late. I'm resting and looking so very forward to Monday! Thank you all for your prayers!

I have decided to link up to the OMG (One Monthly Goal) to meet other bloggers and have even more initiative to finish my UFO's - at least one a month.

Tada!  Here is my OMG!  This baby quilt needs two more borders, quilting (which I plan to do myself because of time constraints), binding and a label.    

1.  I wold love to finish Baby M2's afghan - after all he is almost 8 weeks old!  I've finished the motifs and only need to add the two more rows and a border.

2.  This ABC quilt simply needs binding.

3:  My poor husband has been waiting almost 2 years for these pajamas to be hemmed!  Surely I can manage that!

4.  If I finish Baby M2's afghan, I am rewarding myself with playing with this yarn I've been petting for sooooo long!  I want to make this scarf for my only granddaughter, Baby I.  

Philippians 1:7 (Part 2)
Whew!  A lot has happened since I last posted about Philippians.  While I’m grateful that God chose to heal Baby M., I was really thinking about my attitude while praying.

Were my prayers thankful? 
I was indeed thankful for the encouragement and prayers of my family, friends and readers. 

Were my prayers joyful?
I was not always joyful, I was afraid at times.
It is so hard to completely accept God’s will
before we even know what it is,
when it is out of our control,
when it has the potential to be life or death. 

And that's o.k., because He who began a good work in me will complete it. :)

Were my prayers confident?
I was confident that God was with us, for sure.

In the aftermath of everything, my emotions are running high. 
Great joy.
Great relief.
Great gratitude.

Again, I am realizing life can change on a dime.
Enjoy every second.

Lessons Learned:
1) Oh, God, remind me to listen to praise and worship through the trial!
Image result for growing in confidence in god

2) Today I am more thankful, joyful and confident in my Lord and Savior than I was when I first started this study.

3) I have you, my friends, family and readers in whom's shield of faith I can rest in.  :)

Dear Friend, 
This is my truth.


  1. I loved reading your list, and laughed when I read about your husband's pj bottoms. I rejoice with you over Baby M, not even aware of what the problem was, but seeing God's miracles at work is always a blessing. A comment I was thinking about today kind of goes along with what you said at the end. "Faith in God includes faith in his timing." That hit me like a rock, because I'm always so impatient for what I want to happen. =)

    1. I'm glad you laughed! I was wondering if to put those pjs in or not, but they are indeed on my to do list! :o Yes! Faith in His timing! I'm learning that one! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Good luck with achieving your monthly goal. I find it is best to concentrate on one thing at a time, unfortunately I keep slipping with that one, but September is a new month so I'll try again.

    1. Thank you! The baby quilt is quilted - thanks to my daughter! So, binding and label, here I come! :)

  3. That is a sweet baby quilt you have chosen as your goal, I look forward to seeing the quilting! Thank you so much for linking up, I sure hope it helps with your goals, especially your poor husband's loungers ;)

  4. Hello Heidi!
    Please forgive me for the late posting and response! I was in Albuquerque for the 2016 Cancer Retreat! Thank you for your kind comments on the baby quilt! My daughter quilted it for me and I'm currently working on the binding. Will post about it soon! Yes, my poor husband loungers.... :) It's so funny, right? :) Blessings!