Friday, September 16, 2016

Missed You All! Friday Link Ups. Philippians 1:10 (Part 1) UPDATE 9/17/16

Missed You All!
I know I've been quiet the last week.  My husband and I had the great privilege of attending the 2016 Cancer Retreat in Alburquerque, NM!
It was a wonderful weekend filled with informative seminars, entertainment, delicious meals and entertainment!  This is a free retreat offered to cancer patients, survivors and their families. It's a time of learning, resting and meeting other compassionate, loving volunteers, survivors and patients.  I met some wonderful people and we are still in contact.  I believe we will be lifelong friends!

The seminars varied in subjects:  
from just being diagnosed to thriving after treatment, 
from updates in the latest treatments to alternative medicine.  

There was also an "Ask the Expert" session as well as an opportunity to meet with a dietitian and counselor.  

There were representatives from all kinds of agencies to help dealing with legal issues, learning how to find valid and informative internet sites to learn more about cancer.  

It was an amazing opportunity!  I'll forever be grateful we attended!  

Quilting Progress
A ton of progress has been made on the baby quilt!  My daughter quilted it for me and did a great job!  She has only quilted smallish items, so this was a first!

Have I mentioned that I joined the Quilty 365?  Here are my first two blocks.  The one with text is from the backing fabric my granddaughter is using for the quit she's making for her big brother.  The Dia de los Muertos fabric is my background fabric for the $7.50 Club.  

Here are two more additions to my "dot your i's" quilt.  These are made with scraps from the $7.50 Club.  
Doesn't this pouch look lovely by my waterfall?  My daughter made if for me some time ago.  It was the perfect size to hold my slow stitching projects on our trip to Albuquerque!  Of course, I just had to show you my pond and waterfall!  :)

Can you tell I missed my linky parties this week?  I really missed seeing what everyone is up to this week!  My online friends inspire and teach me so much!  I usually end up pinning many of their ideas!  

Philippians 1:10
Wow!  Verse 9 was deep, wasn’t it?  I absolutely love how God is taking me on this “slow boat” through Philippians! 

Somewhere online I read about a Bible study method where one reads the same passage eight time a day for eight days.  I wish I could remember where I read this!  I searched online and on my Bible Study  and Faith Building boards on Pinterest, to no avail.  If you happen to know the blogger who wrote about this or find it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!  Thank you!  

Businesswoman thinking

UPDATE:  9/17/16
Thank you Angie from A Quilting Reader's Garden for letting me know where I saw this method!  (Please see comments below!)  Angie let me know it was from Gail Burton Purath's 1-Minute Bible Love Notes!  How funny since I subscribe to these wonderfully encouraging emails!  I highly recommend you not only check out her page, but subscribe to her emails as well!

Thank you, Angie and Gail!

 Either way, this method of reading and studying truly blessed me!  I found questions popping into my mind with every reading!  Then, the last few days, the LORD whispered, “OK, we’re done; now start a deeper study and then share what I’ve taught you.”

This method is one of the many that He’s grown me in grace and forgiveness.  God is good!

I begin with prayer, inviting God into this time, then I

Read the same passage
Eight times a day
For eight days!

Philippians 10 (Part 1)
9And this is my prayer:
that your love may abound more and more
in knowledge and depth of insight,
10so that you may
be able to discern what is best and
may be pure and blameless
for the day of Christ,
11filled with the fruit of righteousness
that comes through Jesus Christ —
to the glory and praise of God.

As we learned in verse nine, Paul prayed 
the Philippians’ love to grow more and more.  
He wanted it to be based on understanding the true nature of Christ.  Consequently, 
I am realizing 
my love is becoming more gentle, accepting and 
Image result for hallelujah!

Verse 10 then discusses the purposes of having such love. 
1)       Discernment
2)       Purity.
While Verse 11 states these further purposes:
3)       Filled with righteousness
4)       Glorify God.
Let’s look at verse 10 today.

What is discernment?  What is purity?

So that this post doesn’t end up being a mini book, I’ll pause now and continue our study tomorrow.  See you then!
Hasta maƱana
Dear Friend, this is my truth!


  1. The quilt looks amazing! So nice to be at the binding part... That's one of my favorites to do. Not only is the hand-stitching relaxing, it means I'm almost done! The blocks look fantastic... Loving all of those fabrics!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments! I also love binding quilts! You're right - it means we're close to finishing! My daughter - who has a great eye for color - chose the fabrics for a baby quilt she made a few years ago. This is actually the "bonus quilt". Thank you for commenting!

  3. Wow! So you have 2 circle quilts going. I followed links to learn about them. Such pretty plants by your water fountain. Must be a peaceful spot in your yard.

    1. Hi Sharon!
      Thank you so much for taking time to explore my blog - you're so kind!

      Yes, I have two circle quilts going - one is the Quilty 365 and the other is scrappy. Though I'm using interfacing to apply them to the block, I believe I'm going to have to machine applique them on versus hand stitching. There's not enough hours in the day! I would love to finish my Grandmother's Flower Garden and Yo YO quilt!

      I love my yard! My son and husband keep it looking nice for me. Before cancer, I would do a lot of the work, but now my guys are my hands!

      It is very peaceful! I'm blessed indeed!
      Blessings to You!

  4. Terrific baby quilt! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    1. Thank you! I love sharing and learning from others! :)

  5. Great quilting progress there. I invite you to link also to WIPs Be Gone as you will be done shortly. And go here to check out that Bible Study method you were asking about - the 8x8 Blessings,

    1. Hello Angie!
      Thank you for your encouragement! It feels great to finally be able to focus and make some progress! Thank you also for your kind invitaiton! I will be linking up in a few minutes! Most of all, thank you for sharing the source of the "8X8" Bible study method! I've updated the post, linking back to you and, of course to Gail!

      You've truly blessed me tonight!

  6. What else can I say but "fantastic" for this whole post! So glad you had a great time, the quilt projects are looking great and I am praising Abba Father for the revelations He is sharing with you and then you to us! Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you Victoria!
      God is amazingly great!