Saturday, September 3, 2016

Link/Linky Parties. Today.

Linky Parties
Have you noticed the buttons on the left sidebar?  They are various blogs that hold "link/linky parties".  

Link/linky parties are hosted by a blogger to provide a place for like minded people to share their projects, in this case, sewing projects.  A person can post their projects on the hosting blogger's page via a "link". Then, because it's a party, everyone should check out and post encouraging comments on each others posts.  It's like a show and tell!  I imagine there are all kinds of themed link parties.  

I am linking up to various parties to meet other bloggers as well as have great incentive to continue making progress on my projects.  I have met many wonderful people who are encouraging and oh so very talented!  If you have suggestions for other linky parties, please share!  :)

If you have time, check out these websites by simply clicking on the buttons on my left sidebar.  

Today, not much sewing got done at all - in fact, no sewing got done.  But that's o.k.  It's a birthday weekend - my husband's and son's birthdays!  So, we had a great family day filled with HEALTHY grandbabies (for the most part - there were a few restrictions), a very few friends and family and pre-prepared sandwiches, fruits, dips, chips, pies, fudgesicles and dreamsicles!  


Just laughter, playing, art with my babies, jokes, and noise - lots of noise!

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So, tonight, I will sit with my loving husband whom I love with all my heart, watch tv and hand sew.  

Life is good.
Dear Friend, life is good, so very good.

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