Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Philippians 1:13 Part 2. 1 Design Wall Fun! :)

Philippians 1:13 Part 2
As this verse continues to stand out to me, I reexamine this part:

As a result,
it has become clear
throughout the whole palace guard
and to everyone else
that I am in Chains for Christ.
Philippians 1:13

I picture Paul imprisoned and have been asking myself: 

How did it become clear to everyone else, including the “whole palace guard” that he was a man of faith? 

What were his actions? 

What were his words? 

What about him,
his behavior,
his “manera de ser” (literally translated – manner of being)

led those around him to not only know he was a believer, but also to gain more confidence to proclaim the message of Christ?
Philippians 1:14 Confidence In My Imprisonment (gold)

At first, as I pondered these words and the ensuing questions, I sincerely doubted that I live my life in such a way that those around me would gain courage and confidence to speak their faith.

And then I realized I was almost beginning to believe a lie – almost.

Here’s why.
About five years ago we a contractor came to our home to give us an estimate on some extensive work we were going to have done.  It was taking a while because we got to talking.
Then he mentioned his wife was outside in the truck waiting for him!  Eeeesh!  I went out to talk to her and asked her to join us inside.  A friendship was born!

Just a few months later, the work was finished. 

During the Christmas season and we came home to find a package at our door.  It was a gift from them! It was this wall hanging.

I was amazed.  When I called to thank them, here is what my new friend said,

“When I saw this, we just had to give it to you
because it really describes you guys!”

I was deeply humbled.  After just a few interactions with us, this was how they saw us??!!

Amazing and humbling.

Let’s be careful what we believe. 

Today I’ve learned a valuable lesson:

Before I believe
A negative thought about myself,
I will pray
and ask God to show me
His truth.

Where you/I see a mess,
He sees a message.

Where you/I see a test,
He sees a testimony.

Where you/I see a trial,
He sees a triumph!

Where you/I see a victim,
He sees a victory!

LORD, thank You for precious grace and mercy. I'm so humbled and grateful that others see me as You do.  This is beyond my comprehension and I can only give all credit, praise and honor to You!  Please let us all remember who we are IN YOU and that your mercies are everlasting! Praise you!

Design Wall Fun!

I decided to go ahead and put up my portable design wall because my Be My Neighbor block came out so pretty!  Here's Block 1!

I'm linking up to Monday Making at Love, Laugh, Quilt and Moving It Forward Monday at Em's Scrapbag.

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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