Thursday, February 9, 2017

Philippians 2:12 Part 3/4. More Mason Jar Meals! Hexagon Afghan

Therefore my dear friends,
as you have always obeyed –
not only in my presence –
but now much more in my absence – continue to work out
your | image tagged in flowers | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Working out our salvation is a continual , lifelong process. But, looking at the King James Version, I can see this is also an individual process as well. 

In my last post, I wrote about detaching
 from our loved ones
regarding their salvation.  
It is only as individuals
that we can make the decision to
grow in Christ.
This is a very
individual and personal process.

In realizing this, my prayer life has become almost “without ceasing” for my love ones.

I guess the King James Version
really hit home for me:
“…work out your own salvation…”
Philippians 2:13b KJV

I’d always heard this quoted,
but now the word “own”
stands out to me. 
Our own salvation.

This does not mean
giving up telling others about Christ,
or being silent when it comes
to my loved one’s relationship with God,
Though their relationship with Christ is
very much out of our hands,
prayer, faithful and gentle sharing
when invited
is powerful my dear friend!

Other than that,
our lifestyles speak for themselves. 
When we fall,
and we will because we are human,
those around us will have the opportunity
to see the grace and mercy
of what a great God we serve!
How I appreciate the gift of salvation!
I also am so grateful for Your guidance
throughout my life.
Help me to gently introduce You,
and to live in way
that would let people see You in me.

Dear Friend,

This is my truth!

Mason Jar Meals
There was quite a bit of interest about Mason Jar Meals from this post.  I want to state up front that I have no idea where this idea originated, but I will send hugs to the wonderfully intelligent and creative person who did!

I will try to provide three sources of info for you each time I post about Mason Jar Meals.  

1) My posts will will have a link to my Pinterest Board, Mason Jar Recipes.  Here you will find  all the resources I have implemented.  

2) You can also click on the "Mason Jar Meals", label on my blog sidebar to read past and future posts about this new (to me) healthier way of eating!

3) A couple of ladies had great questions which I answered in the comments section as well as emailing them.  

Now, moving forward, here is the picture I first posted:

I totally cleared out the shelf for
1) the picture 
2) to make room for the jars!

On the far left of the picture is the Overnight Oatmeal which my daughter loved instantly.
Since then, my son and husband are also loving them.  The recipe I used is in this post.  

In the middle of the picture are the vegetable salads we made - totally delicious!  The feta cheese held up well!  As I said before, the greens were about four days in my fridge before we made the salads.  They still tasted fresh after four days in jars.

On the far right of the picture are the fruit salads made from a mix of frozen/fresh fruits.

This is the veggie salad on day four.  As you can see, just a tiny piece of lettuce was a bit wilted, but remember, it had been living in my fridge for four days as well.

Here is it after adding some left over pork tenderloin cooked with balsamic dressing.

Here is my fruit/nut salad.  It's a great snack that satisfies my sweet tooth!

It's been so much fun to 
open your emails 
and answer your questions!

Loving the process!
Mason Jar Soups!
Crafty News
I've been busy this week with grandbabies, the Super Bowl and taking friends to doctor appointments.  Thankfully, on friend is doing well.  The other....well, she is preparing for chemo....
But she is a fighter and we laughed a lot today!  :)

Here is what I've been working on.
My Hexagon Afghan has grown.  I realized I would need more hexies.  Thankfully, Jo Ann's still had the same yarn or a suitable sub.  Now, I have no idea what the final shape will be....I call it my Hexagon Afghan because it's made from hexagons!
Now that I'm looking at, 
it sure is a strange shape!  
But it's ok.  
One great thing about crocheting 
is that it's very flexible!
UPDATE:  The pattern can be found here.  
The only change I made was 
crocheting a single crochet border 
around each hexagon.  :)
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  1. very busy week, your hexagon afgan is very cool

    1. Yes, these days seem to be jam packed.....Here is the website where I got the pattern from. The only change I made was adding a single crochet border around the hexies!

  2. They all look yummy. It's an interesting concept. A crocheted hexagon - never seen one before. What a great idea. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.

    1. Thank you for hosting the party! :) I love hexies - in all shapes and sizes! I wonder if you crochet? Here is the website where I found the pattern, just in case you do crochet!