Monday, February 20, 2017

Surgery. $7.50 Club. Thank You

Image result for cataract surgery humor
Well, I had the cataract surgery this afternoon.  I wasn't as freaked out as I thought I'd be!  Yea!

I found this on Pinterest....I realize it's not a source to be cited, but I couldn't find the original author.  Either way, it made me smile!

$7.50 Club
Here is this month's $7.50 Club Block
pieces cut out
finished block
Yes, my finished block could be pressed better - and it was.  Somehow the contents of my purse attacked it!  
a inside a woman's purse funny pictures
Next month's color is YELLOW!  

Thank You!
Isn't the quilting community awesome? Thank you for your input on my crazy quilt blocks.  

I still have some time to ponder....while I finish my Leader/Ender......

You all are amazing!

I will leave you with a cheerful song!

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  1. My husband was sitting next to me and when he saw the purse picture was like, "I wouldn't be surprised if your purse was like that".

  2. Right? I thought it was the perfect graphic! :)