Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heartbroken. I'm Not There. Slow Stitching.

I went to the clinic where I recieved chemotherapy and radiation.  There was a kind young lady there who was my know the ones.....

they are encouraging,

they are indignant for you,

they tell you look great when you know you don't,

they smile,

they see you as you not as Cancer Girl.

She is a seven year ovarian cancer survivor.  Her journey was painful for many reasons that I cannot share here. But believe me, it was horrifically painful on the physical, emotional and spiritual fronts.

Yet, I never saw her falter in her deep rooted joy.

You know something's coming, don't you....

Yes it is.

I found out 
she has breast cancer.  

She has a different type of breast cancer in each breast.  

She is suffering from the side effects of chemo that the 1-2% suffer from.  

Yet she encouraged me.

Yet she finds joy in her circumstances.  She smiles still.

I weep.

Something else happened.
I blogger I follow, Jill at Dancing With Cancer  "danced her last dance" (as stated on her blog) Thursday.  

Please pray for these ladies and their families.  Please.

I'm Not There
As I wrote about these ladies, this scripture came to mind.  

The words "in any and every situation" really stand out to me tonight.  I'm afraid I have not reached this stage of contentment.  I'm in mourning.  

And that's ok.

You know, I try set an uplifting and joyful tone for this blog, but I just can't today. And it's ok. At the end of most posts, I write "Dear Friend, this is my truth."

And today, this is my truth, my reality.
I hate cancer.
I really do.

Slow Stitching
I made a bit of progress on my Embroidery Around the House Club from Mollie Johanson.  I also got Baby C's label sewn back on his quilt.  Someone commented to try Gutermann's hand quilting thread so I did. Thank you!

Take care you all!
Please take a moment to 
1) love each other fully
2) visit Sunday Slow Stitching and Sharing Sundays!  

Dear Friends, this is my truth!  

Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. What a beautiful scripture, thank you for sharing.

  2. I understand that experience very well and am sending you big quilty hugs.
    I hope that your slow stitching will help keep your heart stitched together too.

    1. Isn't it lovely how sewing and praying bring such peace?!!