Saturday, August 27, 2016

Progress on Baby Quilt. Around the House Stitching Club. How Do You Finish UFOs?

Progress on Baby Quilt
Honestly, this week Baby C shared his cold with me, so very little machine sewing was accomplished.  I did manage a bit of progress on my baby quilt, however!  

I was able to sew the strips of together.
Next, they'll be cut up into squares and sewn into rows!
I did seem to enjoy hand sewing a lot more, though!  Progress is definitely being made on Wild Olive's Around the House Stitching Club!  I'll be linking up to Kathy's Quilts Slow Stitching Sunday as well as Kathleen's Sharing Sundays at The Creative Side!  

Please Share Your Tips 
to Finishing Up UFOs!
My son-in-law asked my daughter a great question:
"Why do you and your mom have so many projects going?  Why don't you finish one before starting another?"

Ahhh....the innocence of non-crafters.  :)

Just to prove I don't have that many UFOs, I inventoried them.....Here are the results.....yeah...not pretty.  There are so many inspiring ideas, tutorials, patterns and so much beautiful fabric, it's easy to have 45, 50, or more UFO's.  However, my storage space is smallish, so I decided to finish up those projects so I'd have more space for....I don't know....fabric!  

I'm finding I accomplish so much more if I break up my quilts into daily goals.  For example:
Day 1:  Pick pattern and fabric
Day 2:  Cut out my fabric pieces
Day 3:  Sew my squares (or rows in this case)
Day 4:  Finish up sewing my squares (or               rows in this case)
Day 5:  Join my rows.
Day 6:  Finish joining my rows.
Day 7:  Sew my borders.
Day 8:  Make the backing, binding and                   label and prepare the batting.

Drop this baby off 
to my most appreciated 
long-arm quilter!

All this certainly does not take place in a week!  Though, I've found that I can finish a baby quilt in a week to ten days. However, life does happen, so I'm gentle with myself.  I guess these steps are more my process than a schedule......because there's family, fun, friends, to enjoy, right?

I thought I could work on different UFO's on different days, but I've quickly learned that doesn't work for me.  I do better focusing on one project.  I do have several BOMs and QALs that I work on one or two days a week.  I'll share these later on.  

I wonder if you more experienced quilt makers would like to share your tips for finishing up those UFOs?  Please do so in the comments!  I would certainly appreciate learning from you!

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Take good care, my friends!


  1. Hum, UFOS... I have way too many also. But, I have been signing up for the OMG -- One Monthly Goal. Generally I pick a UFO to finish and so far I've been pretty successful. Another way I'm trying to cut down on UFOs is to finish anything I start. Yea, sometimes that doesn't get done but I think about it and sometimes have some success. My attempts to not buy fabric hasn't been very successful this year but maybe I'll make some dents in the fabric stash too one of these months!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Bonnie! I will look for the OMG! I've given up saying I'm not going to buy fabric! but I'm successful at buying less yardage of each cut! ;)

  2. Love the strips of fabric you've sewn together in your first photo. They are beautiful colors! Your little hexie blocks are too cute but they look labor intensive to me. They will be worth the work.

    I wish I could give you suggestions about UFOs. Most of what I have are either blocks left from another quilt (because I made too many); tops waiting to be layered, basted, and hand quilted; or ideas I had that I wasn't pleased with how they were turning out and I stopped working on them. I'm with Bonnie, though, about OMG (One Monthly Goal). When I choose something to finish for the month and declare it publicly on my blog, I'm much more dedicated to finishing it than if I just tell myself what I'm going to do.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

    1. Yes, they are a lot of work, but I so enjoy hand sewing! Great idea about the OMG! I've decided to join it as well! I wonder if your "orphan blocks" could be turned into tote bags or pot holders for gifts? :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. I made a list of 10 that I knew I would not change my mind about finishing. I tell myself ANY progress was good, even if it is just opening the box and making a quick assessment. If I make Any progress I can work on something else as a reward. But ofentimes, the look in the box will start the desire again. THanks for asking - good question
    I also have places where I seem to stop - borders, actual quilting

    1. That is a great idea! I love your "any progress" reward! That is truly being gentle with yourself! :) Yes, once I see the quilt, I remember why I began it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. uh oh I just signed up for the cute stitching club - ufo?

    1. Oh Oh! I know you'll enjoy it! It's so cute! It is going to be my first attempt at hand quilting! Like Nancy, I'm publicly declaring it, so I'm more likely to do it! I can hardly wait to see your Stitching Club project!

  5. I am really enjoying seeing your progress on the 'around the house' embroidery project! And I have such a long UFO list that I am embarrassed to even tally it up!
    But they are like old friends and I like to visit them from time to time :)