Monday, August 29, 2016

Baby C's Bibs and Quilt - Old School Style. Hurting People

Baby C's Bibs and Quilt - Old School Style
Some time ago I found a tutorial on A Little Tipsy.  She had a guest blogger - Rebecca at A Better Life Bags.  I absolutely loved this tutorial for these cute little shirt bibs so I headed out to our local Saver's Thrift Store, bought some shirts and here is the result!  

I backed one bib with old,  but very nice sheet material.  My daughter suggested flannel instead so the backside could be used to wipe Baby C's face with.  Perfect!

Then I had a ton of scraps from the bibs, so I made him a simple matching quilt - one of the few projects I quilted myself.  

Photos by my daughter

Photos by my daughter

To be honest this was made almost a year ago.  The binding had come undone.  A quilting teacher had suggested using silk thread for binding and attaching the label and I did.  Sadly, that has led to many quilt binding repairs.  Thanks to a reader's help, I now use Gutterman's hand quilting thread for bindings.  But, I digress.  

This simple quilt is one of my favorite projects.  It was made the way quilts used to be made - from used clothing/fabric. And it's so soft and cuddly.....
Photos by my daughter
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Hurting People
Something happened to me.
In a public setting, 
someone's words hurt me.

Day One
At the time,
it hurt.
A lot.

Day Two
The next day
it still hurt,
but I began to feel
God's healing touch.

Day Three
I was fine.
I was proud of the way I handled the situation - 
with dignity.

It took three days......
Just as it took 
three days for 
Jesus to rise from the dead.
There has to be a correlation there.

I pray 
that when I'm hurt,
my chemo brain 
reminds me remember 
to wait
three days.

I realize 
this quote is so true.
Hurt People Hurt People, Inspiration, Quotes, Hurts People, Gods Grace ...
I realize 
that the more hurt a person has be hurt,
the more they hurt others.

I realize 
that they may not even
realize they are hurting others.

I realize 
that the deeper their own hurts,
the more they hurt others.

I realize 
that they need to be responded to with grace, compassion and dignity.

I realize 
that they need to be prayed for and shown mercy.

I realize 
that I was once 
(and perhaps still am?)
one of them
other's showed me 
great mercy,
great grace,
and prayed for me.

Let's be gentle with ourselves and others, 
Be Gentle with Yourself Quote

Dear Friend, this is my truth.


  1. I love these quilts too, plus I have the mini pillow you made from the same material, Mitsuo loves it! It is such a blessing to have it, thank you.

    So sorry for the hurt that you went through, please if you are able you are welcome to call me when something like this happens. You are not alone. Love you dearly.

  2. The advice to "hold your tongue and count to ten" is still good advice. (Now if I can just remember it consistently ...) The scrappy quilt looks so cheerful! I sew bindings by machine with whatever thread I've used for the quilting (usually Gutermann polyester but also Aurifil).

    1. Yes, I agree with the "holding your tongue"! I also try to ask myself, "Will it improve the silence?", before I speak. :) Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I'm glad I held my tongue....and I'm glad for wonderful readers out there like yourself! Thank you! And thank you for the thread advice! hugs

  4. Great re purpose of the shirts. The bibs and quilt are wonderful.

  5. Thank you! They were so fun to make!