Friday, August 26, 2016

Philippians 1:6 One More Time. Another Baby Quilt Started!

Philipians 1:7
One note I forgot to mention here is for parents:
My dear loved one, 
If you are struggling as a parent, this applies to you.  The day your child was conceived, 
a good work, 
yes a GOOD work, 
was started in YOU!

God will complete that good work 
in you 
as a parent.  

Seek Him.

Be teachable.

Love your baby, child, teen, adult child - 
they are still your baby.

Dear Parent,
If your child has broken your heart, 
if you are struggling with their decisions, take heart!   
I say this because I've been there.
And I know that the good work 
God began in your child 
will be carried to completion as well. 
You may not live 
to see this promise carried out.  
But, Moses did not see his people 
enter the Promised Land!  


Remind our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ of His promise!  
Rest in Him!  
This promise is for you AND your loved ones!

Another Baby Quilt!
We are blessed to be welcoming a new baby girl into the world!  A friend of mine had her last Saturday!  Here is the beginning of a quilt from this beautiful fabric my daughter gave me.  She used this fabric to make a quilt for a very good friend of ours - I consider him my baby brother.  So, here is another bonus baby quilt!

I'm actually using a pattern for this one.  It's from the Summer 2012 edition of Scrap Quilts from Fons & Porters. 

Here's my fabric all cut in strips and ready to sew!  

Dear Friend, 
This is my truth!


  1. It will be a lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing at Finished or Not Friday.

    1. Thank you, Myra! I so appreciate you hosting your Friday Finished or Not! linky party!