Sunday, August 7, 2016

Blessings from a Bug. Slow Stitching Sunday and (UPDATE) Sharing Sundays

Blessings from a Bug.

I was sad to miss last week's Slow Stitching Sunday, but it was a wonderful day.  My son, daughter, my son-in-law and four grandchildren all came over to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday!  It was so much fun and I enjoyed having a full house!  As my Grandmother would say, "We had a parri!"

Near the end my two-year-old Baby C., got real quiet.  Then he refused ice cream.
Oh oh.

Yup.  You guessed it.  Shortly thereafter he threw up - a lot - a really lot.

I kept the oldest kiddos while my daughter and her husband took Baby C. and newborn Baby M. home.  They came for the older two later on that night.  

Monday came and I got bit by the same bug.  Then on Thursday, my daughter got bit.  My son-in-law was the final victim.  

Thankfully all is well and we are all back to normal.  And there was a HUGE blessing in the mix.

Because I was so terribly sick, I chose to go off my medications - even my pain meds.  I knew my tummy couldn't handle them.  I take 100 mg tablets of Gabapentin three times a day as well as a newly added Meloxicam.  I decided to begin with the Meloxicam because one pill seemed more tolerable than three.

And guess what?  Since going off Gabapentin I have had almost no pain! The worse it gets is maybe a 1 or 2 after I iron or if I'm on my feet a lot.  

I can go out all day with my husband and be fine.
I can spend the afternoon in the neighboring town with my parents and sister and be fine.
I can do stuff.
Fun Stuff.
I can live my life.

I don't know how long this will last.  I do have an appointment with my doctors and rest as needed.  But it's wonderful to be pain free - or at least relatively so.  

God is good - 
in pain or without pain - 
God is good.

Slow Stitching Sunday
And now for Kathy's Slow Stitching Sundays!  Today we traveled to the neighboring town to spend a lovely afternoon with my parents, my sister and her finacee.  It was wonderful!  Mom and I had a great talk.  She said I'm looking better, healthier.  We were able to have one on one time which I throughougly enjoyed!  We had good food, jokes, and laughter!

My Slow Stitching projects were fun!  I joined Wild Olives's Embroider Around the House Stitching Club and finished the first two motifs.  I highly recommend this fun project!  

Poor little roll of paper!  I finished his mouth and eye today!

Then I finished up Baby C's new quilt label.  I'm not sure what's going on.  The bindings off two quilts that I made him came undone.......I used the silk thread recommended by my quilting teacher, but they didn't work.  So, I machine bound his quilt and remade his label.  I'll hand stitch it back on with quilting thread and stick to that for bindings as well.  

After finishing up those two projects, I worked on my yo yo quilt for a bit.  

A nap on the way home finished up my Slow Stitching Sunday!  

Sharing Sundays
I just learned about Kathleen at The Creative Side.  She has a linky party called Sharing Sundays!  I encourage you to linkup and join the party!

Dear Friends, this is my truth.  

Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. I love your Hexagons! thank you for sharing on the Creative Side!

    1. Thank you! Thank you for hosting a link up party!

  2. How sad so many of you were sick! No fun. Hooray for less pain without the gabapentin. Those are fun embroidery patterns.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

    1. Thank you for celebrating less pain with me! Yes, Mollie designed a fun stitching club!

  3. Sorry to hear about that bug but it is good that you are all recovered and that there was a blessing in there somewhere. Your embroidery project looks so cute! :) I always machine stitch my binding on then hand-stitch to the back, using quilting thread or regular thread ( I buy the Gutermann brand )

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion of the Gutermann thread! I do the same as you, machine stitching to the front of the quilt and then hand binding on the back. Almost gave up hand binding because I was so disappointed with these quilts. But, hand binding is my favorite part of making a quilt! I appreciate your suggestion so much!

  4. Hi Kathleen! Of course! Take good care!