Monday, September 17, 2018

Jesus Asked It #5. Teacup Quilt Along Block 2. Book Date.

Jesus Asked It #5
As soon as I read Jesus’ next question, I remembered my first years as a bilingual teacher.  It was so overwhelming!  So, to simplify my life, I decided to join my students and wear the uniform that they wore:  blue pants/skirt and a white blouse.  That way I could focus on what was truly important:  being the best teacher I could be. 

As I read the above verse, I wondered if Christ was really saying:  “Seriously, why do you worry about clothes?  There are lost souls to be saved, the sick to be healed!  Time is short!  Focus on what is important, people!”

So, what is really important in your own life to focus on?  What is God calling you to do?  Jana Alcorn pointed out Isaiah 38:2 in her book, Don't Throw In The Towel, Hope Again
Instead of focusing on Hezekiah turning towards the wall, she points out that he could have been turning AWAY from everything that was distracting him from God’s voice! 
Dear Reader, do we need to do this as well?  Do we need to cease worrying about the little things so that we can focus on what is vital? 
If God takes care of nature, surely He will take care of us, His beloved children! 

Go forth in joy and confidence!  
Do not problems, pain and worry distract you from listening to God’s voice and fulfilling His will for your life!  Amen?  :)

Teacup Quilt Along Block 2
Carole at From My Carolina Home recently posted Block 2 of her Teacup Quilt Along!  This cup was a bit more challenging, but so much fun!  Here's mine!
It's not to late to join up!  I have all her posts listed here.  
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The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, NIV
Doing Busy Better: Enjoying God's Gifts of Work and Rest

I enjoyed the setting and characters in Pastoral by AndrĂ© Alexis.  The setting was idyllic for Father Pennant's wanderings.  The human nature was shared quite honestly and realistically.  I look forward to reading the sequel, Fifteen Dogs.  This is my 2nd book finished for the 12 Annual Canadian Book Challenge hosted Melwyk at The Indextrious Reader!
The Glass Lake
Maeve Binchy again, presented an intriguing read.  Our young protagonist is faced with an exceedingly difficult dilemma in which she chooses as wisely as she can.  Eventually, the story comes to a somewhat abrupt end which provides her with some measure of peace and the ability to move forward.  

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  1. Thank you for reminding us of what matters and that we should not worry about the clothes and the food. God sees us and cares for us. We are lucky to have everything we need. Thanks to our, Lord!
    I love your cute tea cup blocks. :-)