Thursday, June 27, 2019

Jesus Asked It #10. I Like Nursing Home Humor! Organizing Tool.

Jesus Asked It #10
Jesus Asked Series: 1,  2, 3, 4, 5678, 9
Ouch!  "you of little faith". How quickly we can forget who we are, who we serve, who our Daddy and Big Brother is!  
I've been facing medical insurance issues lately and guess what?  I'm almost as upset as I was when we were battling these same issues back in 2014/2015.  Almost as upset.  Almost.  Progress not perfection.  
"you of little faith."  
I've progressed, yet still have so far to go.  Don't we all?  
I can thank God for the insurance trails of this week because I not only see not only how far I have to go, but, more importantly, my progress, my growing faith, my growing strength - going from little faith to big faith.
Thank you, Jesus!

Thursday's Likes!
I've been eager to share pictures of my likes from San Diego and then I realized I don't many pictures!  I was too busy living to take them.  I'll be getting some from Daddy and then sharing them soon.

For some time I have been taking weekly pictures of some jokes that are written by someone in the nursing home where I sew with my friends.  My intention has been to share them on the LeAnn's I Like link up @ Not Afraid of Color.  Today's the day for Nursing Home Humor!
These signs have made me laugh every time!  

 I love this one - thought of my friend who says laundry is the bane of her existence!  

Here's an update on Chico and Kitty's budding friendship which thoroughly enjoy watching bloom!

I love them so much!

Sewing Organization
I spent a lovely few days with Daddy and Mama that resulted in sewing taking a back seat.  In lieu of showing you a project, here is an invaluable organizational tool I use that costs $1.00 a tray at Dollar Tree.  The time factor is spending a day/afternoon cutting fabric for my various WIPs.  After that, I'm off and sewing until I run out of trays!
 I cut my fabric and lay it out.  I'm making two versions of this block - 1930's and the fabric with the kit, so I stack them
 or lay them out like this.
I store them on my sewing chair with the pattern on top of the corresponding block.  This is a system I use with all my current projects and it works quite well and takes up less space than a previous system I used!  It's a win-win!

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  1. Sewing kits with the most perfect fabric for last post.
    Meanwhile loved the nursing home humour and I as well, use trays to lay out quilt blocks. Keeps it all steady. Happy stitching to you!

  2. I like that system. I was just telling my friend I used a drawer to hold all my embroidery project down in the family room. Chico and Kitty look bonded. Back in MD there was a house with two dogs and a cat, and they regularly escaped the fence, ad traveled the three of them on walkabout around the 'hood. I'd like to hear about your trip to San Diego. never been.

  3. The nursing home humor is wonderful. I particularly liked the comment about laundry — it is so true. Well not true enough for me to do the laundry naked... My daughter made me some cute boards out of foam core board, batting and a fabric binding around the edge. They work great to pile a block on but I generally don’t put more than one block on it though. I wish they were big enough for a 12” block but they work fine for me. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Your dogs are lovely. Great idea using the trays to organise your project. I'm a zip bag a zip bag for organising! 😁