Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday's Strength. Update on Mia. Mini Dresden Wall Hanging. Book Date.

Monday's Strength
Lately I've been enjoying reading Colossians very slowly and journaling about it in my Happy Planner Faith Edition.  I was struck by how similarly Paul began his letters to the Colossians and the Philippians.  

He tells them that he thanks God for them when he remembers/prays for them and why he is grateful for them.  He then goes onto  say how he is praying for them.  This pattern is followed in many of his other letters to various groups.
I wonder how our world would change if we greeting each other by sharing how grateful we are for them and why, as well as how we are praying for them?  
Powerful stuff there.  Let it begin with me.

Update on Mia
Mia is doing better - she's home.  Apparently she has pancreatitis.  Her numbers were really high, but we're hoping her hospitalization helped.  They ran some blood work, so I'm expecting the results via phone tomorrow.  

She's on B12, pancreas medication, pain medication, exercise and a special low-fat dog food.  We napped together all afternoon.  My heart is more peaceful.  

Mini Dresden Wall Hanging
I'm almost finished appliqueing the Dresdens - one more to go!
Next I'll be prepping and appliqueing the solid black centers using "Perfect Circles" by Karen Kay BuckleyHere's a You Tube Video on how to use them.  (no affiliate link)
Image result for perfect circle karen buckley
A friend recommended framing them with black fabric vs. no frame.  

I'm learning that no decisions need to be's a step at a time.  The quilt will speak to me.
Book Date
Current Reads
Into the Beautiful North: A Novel

New Mexico Colcha Club: 

Spanish Colonial Embroidery & 

the Women Who Saved It

23339936. sx318
I so enjoyed reading this book!  A few have asked if I plan to make the quilt.  Of course I plan to make the quilt - and I hope I do.  In fact, I'm making plans to start it in 2020.  You can see I've already marked my favorite blocks!    

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  1. Lovely Dresden blocks. I prefer the non framed personally but both are beautiful. Indeed if we were showing gratefulness for others, the world would be a much happier place... visiting from moving it forward

  2. In one of my business classes, we were taught to always start a letter with something positive. I wonder if they got that idea from Paul?

    I love your Dresden plates. I hope you find just the right sashing to do it justice. How do you like Into the Beautiful North? It's on my list. Your Farmer's Wife book sounds interesting too.