Friday, October 18, 2019

Jesus Asked It #14: Matthew 7:16. I Like...So Many Things! $7.50 Blocks!

Jesus Asked It #14
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Updated to include Bible Study.  :)
Seems like I forgot Bible Study portion of this post!  I'm so  sorry!  Let's get on with it, shall we?
I found the change of subject interesting as I read this question.  

The Scriptures went from judging others, to asking, receiving and giving, to remembering how narrow the road is that we should walk and now to discerning the message of the prophets.  Interesting in itself.  
When we hear the Word of God or even a prophetic message, especially from someone new, it's vital to test it against God's Word. Word.  I learned this from Pastor Mac Barnard in Clovis, NM.  I remember one sermon in which he encouraged us to study and ensure that his sermons lined up with God's Word.  His advice lead to me deeper studies of the Bible, to seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit and to using wisdom when attending a new church.  Over time, God will reveal the heart of a person.  
By the way, his sermons consistently lined up with the Bible.  :)
I Like....
Traveling!  A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took what turned out to be a second honeymoon to the Taos Wool Festival 2019!  It was an amazing time.  I'll be sharing about in another I Like post.  :)
For now, here are some favorite likes!
Christian music!  As I'm driving and a great song comes on, I snap a photo of the screen (at the stop sign of course).  This reminds me to feature it on my weekend post:  Saturday's Song.  

I also like perusing Instagram for quotes.  I learn from them as well as share them with loved ones as they go through their own trials.  I even started printing them out and putting them in a journal.

I've been reading more and more lately!  My "Want to Read" list is quite healthy now!  I wanted to find a way to pick up the next great book, so I found this printable at Starts at Eight!  When I do have time to blog, I share my reading life on Mondays and link up to the Book Date's party - a fabulous blog and resource for other bibliophiles!  
 I have always said I can't draw, but last week my husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire 7.  I wanted to label the charger and add a drawing of a flame.  After an online search for "how to draw a flame", here is the result!  Tada! 
Maybe it's true what most artists say:  Everyone can draw!  :)

$7.50 Blocks
I've finished the last blocks for our $7.50 quilt!  
The final steps to finishing this quilt are a doozy, so I may put it off for a bit.  The end result however, will be worth it!

As with blogging, I fallen behind in other BOM's, so I've decided to at least finish up the blocks, catch up on others and then work on the finishing steps.  

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  1. I love your printable for your Want to Read list! I'll have to go print one of those out. It would surely work better than the millions of sticky notes I have all over the place! The $7.50 quilt blocks are really pretty!

  2. Thanks for a nice post! I also like to read quotes, and save on Pinterest. Then it was smart to photograph the display on the radio when you hear nice music. Your blocks are so nice! Especially like what you sew with 1930s fabric. :-)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those links. I too love that printable...I'm hopeless at keeping track of what I read. Do you think audio books would count as reading? I use them a lot these days as I go about my stitching. Love your blocks too!

  4. everyone can draw sing, dance and express.... it's when we judge our efforts against other people we feel inadequate. Comparison is the death of creativity!