Thursday, May 9, 2019

I Like...Jesus Asked It #8. Stitchers' Garden Block 2

Jesus Asked It #8
Jesus Asked Series: 1,  2, 3, 4, 56, 7
You know, I used to be pretty talented at worrying.  In fact, it is a skill I can still pick up at the drop of a hat, a heart, or a hint of bad news.  Then I realized that fear was the real problem.  As I found myself beginning to worry about something, I began asking myself, "What are you afraid of?"  Fear is often disguised as worry.  I needed to face my fears. 
I then realized that this acronym,
False Evidence Appearing Real  
is so true:  most of my fears never came to pass.  
False Evidence Appearing Real.

Then I heard this version:
Face Everything and Recover.

Recovery takes courage.  My dear reader, you are stronger than you think, I am stronger than I think.  Whatever your situation, you are not alone!  Remember last week's reading?  Go ahead, take a few minutes to read it.  

You are precious to God.  Instead of wasting time worrying, fill your time with memorizing Scripture!  If you like, begin with the verses from last week.  Take a deep breath, believe and fight back - be courageous - have faith - believe!  As you believe and fill your mind with power Scriptures instead of worry and fear.  I promise you that you will find peace and serenity if you do this.  What do you have to lose?
Thursday's Likes!
I am linking up to LeAnna's weekly "I Like" link up.  It's a fabulous exercise in remaining in an attitude of gratitude all week long!  This week is a special one as it is her 140th link up!  Wow!
I like...
going from a messy cutting table

to a neat one!

I really like my husband and his help in taking these prescription/vitamin jars from trash 
to safe places for needle/pin trash cans. 
I like when my garden comes to life after a sleepy, dry winter.

and this little guy greets me every morning  from the doorway.
Finally, I like the idea of these 
Quesadilla Tacos!


Stitcher's Garden Block 2
I completed my LQS's Stitcher's Garden Block 2!  I'm using 1930's reproduction fabrics.  In fact, I seem to be using them for most of my projects this year!  They are so beautiful!
I'm excited for next month as we will be using the Bernina Circular Embroidery Attachment #83.  It's supposed to make embroidering the designs on the Drunkards Path much easier!  

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  1. that block is so cute! Your back yard is a haven. I need to hire someone to make our backyard into more of a colorful haven as it's dry here, I don't know what to grow. Thanks for the shout out and for joining us... love, leeAnna

  2. I can worry over stupid things and I try to make myself stop. I really liked what your wrote about it. Love the cutting table, both messy and neat! Mine looks like that too sometimes! So nice to see everything blooming! Spring is here!

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I worry easily and lie awake at night and mind working, but it doesn't help. Then it is good to be reminded that all our worries can be put off by the Lord. Most of our concerns do not come, so then there is no reason to spend energy on them either.
    It quickly gets cluttered on the sewing table, and then it is nice to get the place cleaned all the mess. You have a great big and nice table.
    The idea of boxes for old needles was smart. I'll make such a box, too.
    Love your block of 1930 fabrics. great flower and the fabrics are so cute.:-)

  4. Beautiful block. Oh your back yard is gorgeous and such a sweet flower to look at. I am envious of your clean sewing room.

    Someone once told me that worry never changed anything. Also that worry negates every promise that God made to us. I find as I get frazzled I tend to pray more and do things for others to take my mind off of what is bothering me.

  5. Love your husband's idea to make the pill bottles into a place to put old pins and needles - I could use something like that, too!

  6. Worry is my middle name! My sister even gave me a book called Worrying, a History. That's a wonderful piece of scripture.
    Also love your block with the soft reproduction prints.