Sunday, June 16, 2019

Saturday's Song. Slow Stitching. Sunday Stats.

Saturday's Song
When the negative self-talk is winning,
when the negative voices talk too loud,
when I stay too long in the dangerous neighborhood of my mind, 
I have to remember that Grace Wins...
every time, Grace Wins.

If you are in a dark place feeling like you have no worth,
feeling like you can never be forgiven,
feeling like your mistake was too big,
grace wins - 
every time, grace wins.

Slow Stitching 
I fixed Block 5, Dorothy, of the Hand Pieced Quilt Along hosted by Elm Street Quilts and Simple, Handmade, Everyday

 I also finished up Block 6, Florence.  I realized that the pink flying geese corners got reversed, but I like the overall look, so I kept it.  

Stash Report
I had a few finishes!  In preparation for our trip to San Diego, I made a few portable sewing kits, which I'll be sharing later.  I'm calling it 1/8 yard for each pouch and kit for a total of 3/8 yards (.375) used.  
Fabric Usage
last week - 12.90/100 yards  
this week -  14.00/100 yards

Yarn Usage 
I've finished several dishcloths for a total of 7 more ounces used.  

Here's a few
last week - 86/300 ounces
this week - 93/300 ounces

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  1. I give you credit for sticking with the hand piecing. I bailed at block 2 and switched to machine piecing.

  2. Thank you so much for Saturday's song! Very nice. I get to know many nice songs and artists here on your blog! Nice blocks and the small floral fabrics are so pretty! :-)

  3. I looked at how block six should have been and I definitely like your version best! Good job on the dishcloths.

  4. Great blocks. I still need to hand-quilt my quilt, but don't have time for that right now. Have a great time in San Diego. That was where we moved from when we came to Northern California. It is still my favorite place! There is a really, really good Mexican Place near the race track in Del Mar called Fidels. Anthony's Seafood is also good down by the Star of India in San Diego Bay.

  5. Good advice...Grace Wins Every Time. Beautiful work. I've only been sewing pillows lately to letter with my Cricut for the couch. Was tired of the old ones. You are so creative. :) Have a nice week and thanks for visiting me.

  6. Great song! The blocks look fine. I love hand-piecing, hand-quilting, hand stitchery. It's so relaxing and time flows by with my mind engaged in things other than fretting. =) Your Florence block is also a design, and I like this, too. The dishcloths are colorful enough to make one almost not mind doing dishes. LOL