Tuesday, May 9, 2017

To Do Tuesday. Lunch. Drunkard's Path. A Song. Suzy Tat.

Hello There!
Today will be a quick post, but it will get your tastbuds going!  

To Do Tuesday
Last week's To Do Tuesday List:
1) Keep and keep up with my Quilty 365 Done!
2) Make my BOM's (Drunkard's Path and RSC), Oh Oh!
3) Charity Sewing - Dolls of Hope, (If you go to the beginning of her feed, there's contact info.)  Oh Oh!
4) Work on my Fabri-Flair project. Done!  

This week's To Do Tuesday List:
1) Keep and keep up with my Quilty 365 
2) Make my BOM's (Drunkard's Path and RSC), 
3) Charity Sewing - Dolls of Hope, (If you go to the beginning of her feed, there's contact info.)  
4) Continue work on my Fabri-Flair project. 

Lunch Today Is Comfort Food
Grape tomatoes, peas, carrots, gluten-free pasta,
tinydash of Consome de pollo, and 1 tspn
(Better Than Bouillien Chicken flavor).

Today is a slower day, perfect for some 


Drunkard's Path Block
Though I didn't get this sewn up, I managed to cut out all the pieces!  I think it will be pretty once it's all sewn up!
A Song
I think I mentioned that my city doesn't have a Cancer Care Support Group for Spanish speakers.  Thankfully, the wonderful lady who hosts ours is willing to mentor me so that I can start one!  

I'm concerned that with these Fibromyalgia flare-ups, I may not be able to be consistent in my attendance.  Yes, there will be a co-host, (hopefully a nurse/social worker)but I want to be there as well.  It may seem arrogant because I'm sure my co-host will be able to take care of things.  But I do want to consistently be there for the participants.  

Then I remembered this song:

Suzy Tat
Last, but not least, is a cool little crocheting and knitting tool that I absolutely love!  
It's called a "Suzy Tat"!  I purchased it at Quillen's Fiber Arts and the owner, Diedre (she's totally cool), told me it's called a "Suzy Tat".  They are made locally by Jim Hurley, so if you support your local businesses this is a 2fer!

I love purchasing yarn from Quillin Fiber Arts, but here you can see that the Suzy Tat also works well with chain store yarns!  I've been using my Suzy Tat while making my Hexagon Afghan.  As you can see, it holds my hexies that are waiting for their beige borders, as well as scissors!

When I take those off, 
I have my yarn and crochet hook 
ready to stitch!  

Then, I simply pull up on my yarn, 
and wala!  
Tangle free crocheting!
Now, if you're using yarn 
that is wound into a cake, 
no problem!  
You just pull from the outside!  
The top part spins 
as you pull your yarn!  
Uninterrupted stitching!

I'm not receiving anything 
for sharing this product, 
except the joy I get from using it!  
If you like it, 
I'm sure she'd work with you 
to mail it out!
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  1. Oh, so much yumminess in one post... food, fabric, and fibers! Love how the drunkards path block is looking. That orange really pops nicely against the sugar skulls. And that soup... That just looks amazingly delicious!! The Suzy Tat looks like a really neat tool! That is wonderful that you are able to have a mentor to help you start a Spanish speaking Cancer Support Group. I understand about wanting to be there for every meeting. I will pray that you are able to attend as many as possible once you get up and running. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments! I so look forward to reading them! Take good care and thank you for stopping by!