Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Philippians 2:29 RSC 2017 April. To Do Tuesday.

Philippians 2:29

Here Paul is giving the Philippians three distinct instructions:  1) to welcome Epaphorditus in the LORD, 2) with great joy, and 3) and honor people like him.  

Why would Paul make such a request?  To partially answer this question, we have to read onto verse 2:30.  Now, there's a lot to study in v. 30, but today we are looking at verse 29.   Let's look at the first of the three instructions Paul gave.

Welcome him in the LORD 
What does that mean?   The Amplified version says:  

29 Welcome him home in the Lord with great joy, 
and appreciate and honor men like him;

Philippians 2:29

I just realized that Epaphorditus was a missionary, sent by the Philippians to Paul.
So obvious, but I just realized that! Eeesh!

So, if someone,  especially a missionary, came home to me after a long absence, after nearly dying to give service to my LORD, that I was unable to give at the time, yes - I would welcome him back with great joy!  Furthermore, I would honor him for his godly, servant's heart.  I can see that.

But, my heart questions:  How do I welcome someone home "in the LORD"?

What comes to mind is my normal routine:
- Smile and give them a huge hug of welcome!  

- Encourage them to come into my home and offer them refreshment.

- Show them kindness and hopefully they will feel the peace of God in the atmosphere.  

- Especially if an Epaphorditus was visiting, actively listen to what they have to say and glean a life lessons from them - we can always learn something new!  

- If I feel led, I would pray for them.  

- I try to let people know that they are appreciated via praise or encouragement. 

- Most of all, I am real with people - no masks.  If we are genuine, others become so as well.  

Image result for gifs welcome calvin and hobbes -pinterestI wonder, how do you all welcome visitors? I bet I could learn some really cool lessons from you!  :)


LORD, thank You for this lesson not only in hospitality, but in welcoming missionaries back home!  Let us remember to welcome all in the LORD, especially missionaries!  Help me to do something to make everyone feel welcome and at peace in my home.  If we are not home, help me to keep a warm heart for everyone.  

Now, LORD, I am not asking to be a doormat - that is something else entirely. Besides, You and I both know I would not make a very good doormat!  :)

Just please, help me to be Your servant to minister in the LORD!  
I love You, My Abba Father!

April RSC 2017
I finished my April RSC blocks and here they are swinging happily from a tree!  Those seams show up in the pictures making their presence known!  
For some reason I ended up with quite a few 4" extras to add to my collection!  
These are all different stacks!

I have quite a few of these!
These baby squares are living with their parent blocks on this hanger:

This is how I store my BOM projects - everything all together.  If I've purchased the border or background fabric, I hang it with the project as well.  

To Do Tuesday
Last week's To Do Tuesday List:
1) Catch up and keep up with my Quilty 365.  Done!
Work on my
- Granny Squares Cardigan Done and Finished!
- the new baby quilt Done!

- on my Fabri-Flair project Done! 

This week's To Do Tuesday List:
1) Keep and keep up with my Quilty 365, 
2) Make my BOM's (Drunkard's Path and RSC), 
3) Charity Sewing - Dolls of Hope, (If you go to the beginning of her feed, there's contact info.)
4) Work on my Fabri-Flair project.  


  1. Nice blocks. Extras are always fun to have on hand for future projects or to work into the back.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Yes! I've gotten a few suggestions for the extra mini blocks. We'll see how many I have at the end! Take good care!

  2. I love your storage idea! I've got piles of fabrics together, but piles aren't really conducive to organized crafting. Yikes! Such pretty blocks, and how neat to have enough leftovers to make something else! Love that!

    1. Yes, this idea works really well for me. I used to use the plastic scrapbooking boxes (13"X13") but they take up so much space. My sewing studio is an 11 X 12, so space can be somewhat limited....or I have too much stuff! :) Hmmmmmmm, is that even possible? :)