Monday, May 8, 2017

Philippians 3:2. Quilty 365 + A Fibromyalgia Update

Philippians 3:2.

Before I started this study, I had noticed that Paul was pretty blunt.  In his writings, he freely and boldly shares his faith - as well as his warnings.  Philippians 3:2 is no exception.  According to The Layman's Bible Commentary by Archibold Hunter, "dogs" is refering to the Judaizers - who believed circumcision and following the letter of the Law was required to be a "perfect Christian" versus having the uncomplicated faith in Christ. 

Image result for abc's of salvation coloring page
I usually turn to what is commonly known as the ABC's of salvation.  This is very basic, but so uncomplicated.  The rest of our faith journey is just that - a journey.  

I remember a conversation with my daughter when she was barely 5 years old....we were talking about counting the cost of following Jesus.  She said, "Oh, that's easy, Mom!  It's free - just give Him your heart!"  From the mouths of babes. 

Paul is saying that those who added other prerequisites to having faith in Christ were "evildoers" and "mutilators of the flesh".  Strong words.  

As I write these words, this song comes to mind:

LORD, thank You for this holy time tonight!  I pray that I have not perverted Your message, but have simplified it that all may know 
You are alive, 
You are faithful,
You are trustworthy.

LORD, what ever I may lose, please just give me Jesus!

When our faith seems 
too complicated, 
too hard, 
too confusing, 
help us to remember that all we need is 


Quilty 365
I met a Tuesday To Do goal and caught up with my Quilty 365!  
 Here's a close up!

The month of April has several black circles scattered throughout.  These signify days of pain and fatigue. I believe May will be better!  :)

It took more time to take the pictures 
than to sew the squares together!  :)

A Fibromyalgia Update
I have started to feel better,  
to experience more days with pain levels from a 1-3.  The fatigue can be overwhelming.

Lessons learned?
Listen to my body  - and to God's leading.

When they tell me to rest, I rest.
When they tell me to sleep, I sleep.
When they tell me to do, I do.
When they tell me to eat, I eat.
When they tell me to ask for help, I ask.
When they tell me to reschedule, I do so.

This is hard, but really helpful.

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  1. That quilt 365 is brilliant! I hope your May is a happy month.

    1. Thank you! I'm hopeful about May, too! I'm really enjoying I'm so glad you stopped by and commented! I've been playing around with ideas for next year! We'll see!

  2. This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! Thank YOU for stopping by and commenting! Take good care!

  3. I hope May holds no black circles.

    1. Me, too! The new partner my doctor has gave me some great suggestions for some lifestyle changes that are hopeful with those of us with fibromyalgia and/perhaps other chronic pain! I'll be sharing about that is week! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments!