Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Proverb of the Day. Support Groups.

Proverb of the Day.
You know, though my best intentions are to spend time with God on a daily basis, I am not always successful.  Life gets in the way of my dates with God.  However, I am pretty faithful to keep up (or catch up!) on my Proverb of the Day study.  

It's important to me.  
It feeds my soul.
It encourages me.
It teaches me.
It enlightens me.
It strengthens me.

Here is my Proverb post on Instagram for today.

I'm amazed at how generous our LORD is with us. How can we please Him?  
1) Pay attention.
2) Turn our ear to the wise.
3)  Apply our hearts to His teachings.

Simple, no?
It takes effort, dedication, a teachable spirit and an open mind.  

But it's worth it, dear friend, it's worth it!

Support Groups.
One place I found "the wise" today was in a breast cancer support group.  It meets in a church whose rooms are filled with activity!
I was welcomed with warmth and love.  They gave me a prayer shawl that the ladies in another room were crocheting and knitting.  Each member shared their journey with cancer.  Each member blessed me.

I'll always be grateful to the person who invited me!

One special characteristic about this group was that it is a small group - less than 10 members were in attendance.  Very cozy and intimate.  

Do you attend such a group?  If so, invite someone to go with you!   

Do you want to attend such a group?  Ask around in your treatment center, doctor's office, local hospitals, check the internet for a local group.  I was totally blessed and would love for you to have this support as well!

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

Not Destroyed

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