Thursday, March 31, 2016

Proverb of the Day. Amazing.

Proverb of the Day.
Yes, beauty is fleeting.  I had to pause and think how much I invest in "beautifying" my exterior vs. the investment I make in to strengthen my relationship with the Lord or to grow spiritually, I cringe.  

But you know what?  That is exactly what's so awesome about Bible study and growing in the LORD?
When He reveals something to us, perhaps something like this, it's not to condemn us!  It's to point us on a new path, a new journey that will bring us even closer to Him!
psalms 119.105

See!  How amazing is this!  He uses His Word, not to condemn, but to draw us nearer to Him!  Now, what do you think about that?  :)

Dear Friend, this is my truth!

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