Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Neuropathy. Steppin' Along. Proverb of the Day.

  Peripheral Neuropathy
So, I thought that after chemotherapy I would have neuropathy for a few months.  My last chemo was in August 2015.  Here we are, seven months later and neuropathy still plagues me.  My doctor told me to be patient - and she quickly added that she understood it was easier said than done.  She prescribed Metanx, which can be costly if not covered by insurance.  I checked and, thank God, I believe it's covered by my insurance.  I'm going to give it a go and keep you posted.  

A fellow cancer survivor told me she still has neuropathy pain almost 2 years post-treatment!  Eeesh!  Not very encouraging.  I have to admit it feels weird complaining about post-treament complications.  But, it's real and it happens.  It's my reality and truth, so I share.  

Do you have any suggestions for neuropathy pain?  

Steppin' Along.
I am part of a 12 Step Program - it doesn't matter which one.  The point is I'm finishing up Step 3 and moving to Step 4 - a big jump - believe me.  There are 12 Steps in the Program. Steps 1-3 are the foundation to the rest of the Steps.  Step 4 is not easy, or so I've heard. 

I had actually stopped working on passing the Steps when I was diagnosed. This means I wasn't doing the work my Sponsor and I agreed upon to pass to the next Step.  She understood and I gave myself a pass. I was gentle with myself. 

Now that treatments are over, I want to continue the "Step Work" (follow the plan set up by my sponsor). My sponsor suggested I review my old journal entries from Step 3 before our "graduation meeting."  

As a refresher I did reread my old entries which dated back up to 2 years.  I was truly shocked at the woman I saw.   And I was able to praise God for the miraculous work He has done in my life over the last two years!  It's amazing!

Do you journal?  I highly recommend you read over your journals and see how far you have come as well!  It's enlightening!

Proverb of the Day.
Proverbs 29:25
As soon as I read this verse, my heart started pounding!  Immediately, I thought of the young faith-filled young ladies I know!  They are strong and bold in their faith and in their lives!  I am blessed to know them!  

Dear Friend, this is my truth!


  1. Was wondering have you tried the Rosemary capsules or the Rosemary lotion? So far the Rosemary lotion helps relieve my hand pain quickly it also has mint in it. Hoping and praying you get relief soon which ever way.

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