Friday, March 18, 2016

HALT. Hiding Place. Strong Tower.

Hiding Place
So, it's been a long, wonderful weekend.  I spent two wonderful days with my three vivacious grandbabies!  It was great!  Today was a super busy and fun day as well.  Can you feel the "but" coming?  You're right!

I'm so tired tonight.  Even fun-filled days can be tiring.  The fatigue and neuropathy resulting from chemotherapy are still my companions.  Therefore, this acronym come to mind:  H.A.L.T.
This means that if we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired, we need to halt!  
Halt and take care of ourselves.
Halt and stop reacting.
I'm definitely tired.  But, I definitely want to rise to the 30 Day Challenge!  

Hiding Place
A few weeks ago, I began feeling pain and changes near the ancillary node dissection and lumpectomy sites.  My surgeon is the best - he leaves no stone unturned.  Though he couldn't feel anything out of the ordinary, he ordered X-Rays of my chest and ribs to check for metastasis.  I wasn't too freaked out until I checked out the treatments and cures for bone cancer:  no cure.  


I walked, praying and crying out to God.  
I felt peace.
I felt turmoil.
I felt fear.

Then I heard this song:

I felt held by my Lord.  
Oh, and those test results?

Clear.  No metastasis.  
God has my back, my ribs, my lungs, me.  
He's got me.
And you.

Dear Friend, this is my truth.

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