Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pain. Baby Afghan. Faith.

 Pain is been my constant companion today. I managed to be productive but I did pay for it.
I have to remember to stay on my regimen of  15 to 17 pills a day.
I don't like it.
I drink a ton of water - almost a gallon a day to protect my kidneys.

 Baby Afghan
 My husband took me to Hobby Lobby to help me choose yarn for my fourth grandbaby's first afghan.  Oh it wore me out it was a happy time.  I can hardly wait to greet this special little boy!

 My daughter sent me this picture. I leave you with it. It's a short post today, I've been so tired and hurting all day. Neuropathy is no fun, but I know God is with me and letting me rest beside the still waters.

Dear Friends, this is my truth.

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