Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going Public!

Hello out there -everyone in "bloglandia"!  Today is my first day as a public blog writer and it's very exciting!  Hopefully, you will be encouraged and uplifted as you read this blog.

In just a few hours I will be going for a chest CT scan with dye injection.  Apparently it may cause nausea so my son is going with me.  Tomorrow is a bone scan.  Then Monday I have an appointment with the oncologist to hopefully get the results of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 tests.  I'm pretty nervous about that one.  It could mean the difference between a lumpectomy or bilateral mastectomy.  However, I know God leads the way.  He goes before me.  He goes at my side.  He is with me.  Period.  

The wheels are slowly moving towards going to MD Anderson. 

This whole experience doesn't feel real.  I sometimes stop in the middle of the day/night and say, "Girl, you have cancer.  Did you know that?  You have cancer."  And then I simply don't believe it's me with cancer.  It's so surreal.   This morning, my sister-in-law told me that's normal. 

This post will be continued, but, for now, this is my truth. 

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