Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Oh my God! 
So we have the medical clearance to go to MD Anderson.  All faxes have been sent and received, finally!

So we have the financial clearance to go to MD Anderson.  Except for one tiny complication. 

I received an authorization to a surgeon I had never even heard of.  Naturally I switched it my own surgeon.  BAD MOVE.  REALLY BAD MOVE.  THE WORST.  This unknown surgeon for some reason had the same authorization number as my authorization number to MD Anderson.  So guess what?  Yup, you guessed it.  My authorization number to MD Anderson was transferred to my local surgeon. 

Oh, and as I am working with someone who is definitely smart and willing to send it to her supervisor and we were disconnected.  Disconnected.  Yup, that's how I'm feeling.  Do they even care? Well, I called back and the person I was talking to sent it up to the gurus, the powers that be.  The second lady added an "urgent" and maybe tomorrow at 7:30 am I'll know something. 
NOW I am so frustrated.
NOW I am writing an emotional post.
NOW.........I have again, no where else to turn but to God.  
Recently I was reading this sweet lady's blog ( ) and emailed her.  She responded with a kind note and a verse:  Isaiah 46:4.  As I was waiting on my insurance company, I looked it up.  Wow.
What was that I had written about control?  About doing everything and then standing?  And what about what Karen wrote about kneeling?  And aren't we strongest on our knees?
Then I went to my email to check out my daily promise from 365 Promises ( I was on the phone waiting for a while).  Look at this:

Wow.  So, God made me, He is carrying me, He will sustain me, He will rescue me from all these complications.  And because of that, I am more than a conqueror. 
Even in my anger.
Even in my frustration.
Even in my fear.
Even in....well, all things.
I love you, my friends and family.  Thank you for your cards, emails, notes and texts.  I don't open your cards when they get here.  I save them for times like these.  Gonna go and open me up some cards now.
For today, that is my truth.


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  1. Well, that just reeks. Paperwork....grrr....Looking forward to hearing that this got worked out. I just sent you an email with a song that I hope makes you happy. It always lifts me up. Love you